Rogues and WoW Raiding – Destined to be Guildless?

On this morning’s WoW forum visit, I stealthed my way over to the General Discussion forums. The lament of the day is from a 70 Undead Rogue named, Gankurface. His chief concern is the availability of Rogue spots in WoW raiding guilds. You can view his post here: Rogues and Guild Recruitment.


Now, I could be an elitist jerk (their trademark, not mine), and point out the error of his ways (vendor gems are bad, mmmkay?), but I’ll refrain and hit on the real concerns of the Rogue raiding community and how Rogues find our place in raiding guilds.


Concerns, Challenges, and the Changes to the Raid Game


The first concern for the “I want to raid” Rogue is that the Rogue class in WoW offers no raidwide buff giving them no raid utility other than DPS. In TBC raiding, Rogues have had their spot as the top damage dealers challenged by Warlocks and Hunters depending on the encounter. There are several fights in end game raiding where an entire phase of a fight does not allow the Rogue to capitalize on the strength of being the strongest single target DPS class. This change can make for more interesting raiding, but lessens the raid usefulness of the class as a whole. Also, with the change from 40 man to 25 man raiding in the first expansion, the number of each class needed in a raid dropped dramatically. Most raiding guilds take a maximum of 2 rogues in any given raid which means there’s only bench warmer space for 1 to 2 rogues.


So how does a Rogue surmount these challenges? As one of the most played classes in the game, what can a Rogue do to grab that elusive, rare spot in a raiding guild? Here’s what I’ve learned during my stint as a raiding Rogue in TBC:


RR’s Quick Protips for Finding a Rogue Raiding Spot

-Know your class

Research, research, research. Being a raider is more than spamming your sinister strike key. You have to know the ins and outs of your class. Your best combat rotation, the game mechanics behind how your stats work, and what you should concentrate on for gear and consumables. Your best friend will be the Elitist Jerks forum (EJ).


Know it, love it. Become a legend. A rogue cannot afford to be mediocre. Being decent isn’t good enough, you have to be great. Make sure you are in PvE gear and fully gemmed and enchanted with PvE DPS gems and enchants before you even start applying to raiding guilds.


-Make friends

Is there a great rogue on your server? Study their gear on the armory. Ask well-phrased questions. Sure, they may turn out to be a jerk, or you may learn something. Go on PuG runs – 5 man dungeons, heroics, Karazhan, ZA, even Tier 4 & 5. There are lots of runs available as TBC raiding heads into the home stretch before Wrath of the Lich King is released. If you’ve studied the class and impress, you never know who might throw you a guild trial without apping.


Good luck out there Rogues. I know it can be a cold, cruel raiding world. With a little work however, you can become legendary. With or without Warglaives of Azzinoth.


Are you the type of person that views changes as an adventure, or are they daunting and scary as hell? Maybe a bit of both?

Anytime you make a big change it can come as a shock at first. Changing jobs, changing significant others, changing residences…. and in games, changing servers/guilds. Suddenly you’re in a completely unknown environment. No server buddies and chat channels. No army of alts to do your bidding and make you gold or hold your excess stuff.

On the other hand, it’s a chance to meet new players, new guilds, new PvP partners. It can be freeing as well. It’s kind of like being the freshman. Yeah you were top dog on your old server, but no one knows you here. What to do?

-Research guilds and find a good match for your life and schedule.
-Heroics and random PuGs. Sure you may wipe some, but you may also meet some fun players.
-Stand around looking pretty in Ironforge. A pre-BC raider thing that apparently has never gotten old. 😉

Will it work out? Only time will tell, but like most things, you’ll only get results with some personal effort.

Jumping In Swords First

I don’t believe in the introductory type of blog entry. Hi, my name is Anonymous Internet Identity and I’m going to start blogging about things you may or may not care about. It sounds kind of like you’re introducing yourself to a group help session of some kind. (cue Fight Club quotes here). I’ll just get started with my opinions….read on, you’ll get to know me whether you want to or not!

Most of the time, the WoW forums are filled with trolls and randomness….I support randomness and the occasional amusing troll…

Every once in a while, I find that forum post that actually does make me laugh out loud. Today’s fun post comes from the WoW Dungeon & Raid forum. Pylae, from the Arthas realm, shares the top 10 reasons that becoming a Blizzard developer is not on the horizon. I love #9. Usually I’m not much of one for actively grinding faction rep, but that one rocks. First three listed, for the rest follow the link:

Ragnaros would be added after the final boss of every dungeon. BY FIRE BE PURGED!!!

I’d add a faction “Squirrel Army.” Getting exalted with the squirrel army would reward you with a tabard that gave +200 to all stats. You would start at 36,000 hated, and would gain 1 reputation every time you killed a squirrel. At 20,999 revered, reputation gains would stop. It would never be fixed, and the entire faction would be removed as soon as people figured out I was just screwing with them.

The least popular instances would have important level 70 reagents for raiding added to them. Particularly SM Graveyard, Razorfen Downs, Razorfen Kraul, and Dire Maul. It would take hundreds of hours worth of grinding to get enough.

#1-7 Top 10 Reasons I’m Not A Blizzard Developer

Hmm…I think my top 10 would include the fact that I’m not very artistically talented, have little to no coding knowledge, and can basically only add money or make coffee…ah well.

No Wrath beta key for me as of yet. A couple of guildies have them since I’m on a West Coast server and am guilded with lots of Cali guild members who can actually attend BlizzCon easily. Supposedly, there’s a graphics update. Although the Rogue class is getting absolutely no love in this xpac. Congrats Pallys the stage and story are all yours.