PANIC! – At patch 3.0.2 not the Disco

From my own experiences in game, it looks like everyone is up in arms about the raiding changes coming in the pre-Wrath patch 3.0.2. Forget the fact that the patch has yet to be playtested on the PTR yet….favorite panic quote:

We all need to re-roll “this class” isn’t going to be raid viable and/or we’ll only need one not the three we have been using.

It kind of makes me wonder if this is Blizzard’s way of causing natural raider attrition to make way for the new heroes, namely Deathknights.

Heck, these raid buff changes and the lack of a rogue class review don’t scare me. Nothing could possibly be as awful as the raiding meltdown that occured in the 40 man – 10 man – 25 man train wreck.

Bring it on! Players will adjust and soon, like 30 minute buffs instead of 5 minute, we’ll wonder how we ever raided in WoW without these changes.

Less fun note – Prepare for addon meltdown. 😉

So…when that day comes?

A rogue retired today. She did it quietly. There was no fan fare. No dramatic posts. No parades held in honor of a hero of the Alliance. Just a simple hang up of the swords, and a walk up the dusty road to Ironforge.


Game Over.




Well not quite yet, but some days it feels a bit nearer than others. How will you retire?

Surviving a Trip to the R&D

Yay another list! My day is complete. Today’s favorite forum post, apart from the one where the Rogue beta forums actually received a blue reponse, discusses Everything You Need to Know About R&D forums.


It’s way too negative for me, but it does describe the denizens of that forum perfectly. The WoW community has the best and worst of any gaming community.

A brief glimpse at the top 10 from the original poster the rest can be viewed with the link –



  • People are stupid.
  • We’re jerks.
  • Your gem choices are retarded.
  • No, you’re not ready for Kara.
  • Your spec is dumb.
  • Your guild is full of scrubs.
  • lolattunements
  • Your gearing choices make me want to cry.
  • Killing Constructs is ridiculously easy.
  • You’re pretty much the sole reason a group of 25+ people can’t make progress in raid content.


RR’s Pro Tip of the day – Yes, the raiders at the WoW R&D forums are elitist jerks. You would be better served googling a non-official class forum for a civil response.

I probably shouldn’t find this funny…

Today’s Friday, folks, so guess what? Yeah, I’ve been scrolling the forums. I was directed to this fun post.

The Day I Defected Alliance –

Especially amusing, are the attached screenshots (NSFW-some cursing) depicting his Ally teammates reaction to the defect.

I’m going to think of this everytime I’m bored in a battleground from now on.

Blizzcon ’08 – did you F5 enough?

I’m not going. Knew I didn’t have a chance of going, and so I missed out on all the fun of trying to obtain tickets to this year’s Blizzcon.

However, several in-game buds had the pleasure of doing the daily quest – “Hit your F5 button 5 million times and win” – Some were lucky, others not so much.

One person immortalized the ticket sales in a planned peaceful protest t-shirt to wear to the event.

Check it out – Failoc T-Shirt

There’s a front and back. Can’t wait to hear his story of how it’s received at Blizzcon.

Gone with the wind…

It’s inevitable. For some, word of the next expansion brings excitement. For others, it’s a time to evaluate your priorities and decide where to go from here.

The goodbye posts have ramped up over the past week at the various WoW forums I scroll.

Today, I stumbled across one from a good in-game friend as I was taking a desperately needed afternoon break. Such a cheerful, fun player. I’ll miss seeing that pig-tailed gnome.

Good luck to you in RL, my friend.

Friday is for Forum Trolls!

Today’s fun forum find comes from the WoW Raid & Dungeon Forums…for all your e-peen needs create a lvl 1 alt and claim vast raiding knowledge!


If Michael Phelps were a raid boss, he would be….


If you’ve been following the Summer Olympic Games or watched the news in the past week, I’m sure you’ve seen/heard of Michael Phelps. Olympian swimmer for the U.S. winning gold medals and breaking records along the way.


Side note – The competitor’s tabard in the WoW Olympic Event is really ugly. Really, really ugly. No offense to the designer. Or maybe it just looks really bad with my rogue’s gear.


There are a ton of votes for the obvious, The Lurker Below. The most visually disturbing reply is located in the 20 spot. I’m going to be picturing Bob Costas in a light that I really didn’t want to all weekend. Thanks. Now my pain is your pain. Also amusing is #44 from a supposed college classmate. And as always with the WoW forum community, the thread derails into an argument about which Olympic event matters.



More on Resources for Rogues

I noticed that I’m getting some traffic from people searching for rogue raiding builds, etc. So today, I’ll go a bit more in depth on resources I touched on in a previous post.


The best advice to remember is “A dead rogue does 0 dps.” Learn your fights. Be aware. Stay Alive. Or none of the rotation tweaking, energy pooling, or gearing is going to matter.


When working on a raiding rogue, your best resource is reading the posts over at the Elitist Jerks forums on class mechanics. Those guys do extensive in-game testing and theorycrafting that most of us just don’t have time to do. Well thought-out descriptions, questions with WWS (wow web stats) information will almost always get a good, helpful response. Also, there are resources for every class available to play in WoW.


EJ – TBC Roguecraft 101

EJ – WotLK Rogue PvE DPS


These posts/threads contain information on raiding builds, rotations, gemming, etc. Everything you need to maximize your output and get the most out of your gear for dps and raid effectiveness.


It’s also a good idea to check out the gear spreadsheets available. These will help you tweak your combat rotation to your gear/buffs/possible procs.


Roguecraft Spreadsheet

Aldriana’s Gear Spreadsheet (latest update 7-24-08 )


Use caution when asking questions on the official WoW forums. Rogues as a class tend to be a little…less than friendly. Not surprising from a class that makes a living stabbing/slicing from behind, I guess.


Feel free to leave me comments with questions about raiding rogue builds, or whatever. If I don’t know the answer, I’ve probably been doing this long enough to know where to find it. The community of theorycrafters and the amount of good information available out there for Rogues really does make it a very fun class to play.


Good luck raiding!

These are a few of my Epic Things

Epics. Even if you complain about the easy availability of epics in World of Warcraft, you want them. It’s ok to admit it. We all play this game for some kind of reward. Maybe you do it for the epic, the e-fame, the buddies you can make, vanity pets, etc.

It’s always been my belief that the most epic part of WoW, or any MMORPG, is the community. Barrens chat aside, gaming in the massive format can be like a day spent people watching. You will see every imaginable slice of humanity if you play long enough. Your guild. Your battlegroup. That group of people you always do the heroic daily with. There are so many epic things in this game that have nothing to do with gear. These are the things that give you stories to tell. Here’s my list of Epic WoW things….did I mention I like lists? They’re epic.


1. A good PuG group.

There is nothing like this in all the world. You join the LFG channel with trepidation. Will this Shattered Halls run take an hour or two, or all night? Joy! The tank, healer, and dps all know what they’re doing and work well together. Five former strangers owning a dungeon. Welcome to my friends list, group mates.

2. A bad PuG group.

Two wipes before you get to the first boss. There’s a person who doesn’t know what d/e means (*cough* ebay *cough*). You’re wondering if you really need the rep or badges this badly. Mowing the lawn now sounds fun. Yeah, that kind of group.

3. The thrill of victory! The Despair of defeat!

Winning a battleground. Defeating that raid boss your guild has been working on for 8 weeks. Winning an arena match against a comp you usually choke on. Losing a battleground. Losing a duel. Losing a loot roll. The ups and downs of the game. Exciting and yet also, dynamic.

4. Going back to old content that you out level and taking revenge.

Not so funny that you ruined that 45 minute run for us 2 years ago, is it Baron? Conquering that which was once hard, easily. Strat, Scholo, LBRS, UBRS, BRD, Onyxia, Molten Core….Which Outlands instances are we going to take our revenge on at level 80?

Now showing…..number six


M’uru, the guild killer. M’uru, the disconnector. M’uru, the account canceller. The boss of TBC raiding that even with a nerf requires perfectly executed raiding precision from every single raid member.


I saw you fall this week.


The vent went about like this:

3% – 2% – 1% – 1% – Healthstones, Healthstones! – Burn him! Burn it! Down! Down! OMG!


Kil’jaeden, you are next. It looks like I get to finish this story before the expansion hits after all. My first view of the Sunwell, and Kil’jaeden’s emergence was Monday. From the ramp leading down to the way KJ appears, good job Blizzard on a fight that feels like an epic battle for the fate of the world.


Favorite M’uru Learning Moments (also known as things that make you want to delete)  

  1. After a night of excellent progress on the phase one to two transition, the raid leader calls out that we should have him tonight if we don’t have any disco issues. He starts the countdown to pull, and at four the Main Tank goes offline.
  2. The guilt of causing a wipe due to an aggro pull death on the door adds.
  3. The fun of the “near side” (aka start) door and mage LoS issues.