Now showing…..number six


M’uru, the guild killer. M’uru, the disconnector. M’uru, the account canceller. The boss of TBC raiding that even with a nerf requires perfectly executed raiding precision from every single raid member.


I saw you fall this week.


The vent went about like this:

3% – 2% – 1% – 1% – Healthstones, Healthstones! – Burn him! Burn it! Down! Down! OMG!


Kil’jaeden, you are next. It looks like I get to finish this story before the expansion hits after all. My first view of the Sunwell, and Kil’jaeden’s emergence was Monday. From the ramp leading down to the way KJ appears, good job Blizzard on a fight that feels like an epic battle for the fate of the world.


Favorite M’uru Learning Moments (also known as things that make you want to delete)  

  1. After a night of excellent progress on the phase one to two transition, the raid leader calls out that we should have him tonight if we don’t have any disco issues. He starts the countdown to pull, and at four the Main Tank goes offline.
  2. The guilt of causing a wipe due to an aggro pull death on the door adds.
  3. The fun of the “near side” (aka start) door and mage LoS issues.



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