Raiding Rants and Raves

Raiding can be one of the most fun aspects of an MMORPG like WoW. However, it can also be one of the most frustrating. You have to depend on other people to enjoy the game, and just like in real life they aren’t always prepared, dependable, or showing signs of brain wave activity. There are awesome, hilarious, fun moments as well. If this is not your first trip to the RR blog, you know I love the lists…incoming Raiding with Respect *zoooomm*

RogueRaider’s Tips to Raiding with Respect

Yes, WoW is JUST a game. One thing you have to remember when you decide to commit to a guild’s raid schedule is that you are affecting the fun of the game for 9, 24, or however many people….

1-If you sign up, show up.

You’d think this would be common courtesy. Sure real life emergencies happen, but I doubt they happen once a week. If they do, some life changes are definitely in order.

2-Don’t ninja log.

In other words, don’t just randomly fake a disco to get out of raid. If you need/want to bail, be upfront about it and LEAVE the instance so you aren’t taking up raid replacement space.

3-Keep loud exclamations on vent to a minimum.

I wear my headphones most of the time for a raid. I don’t need you to quicken the deafening process. It’ll be fast enough.

4-If you’re reaching burnout, take a break.

Trust me. Your guildmates would rather see you take a step back for a couple days, weeks, months then continue to raid, gear up, and randomly go psycho one day.

5-It’s a game. Enjoy it.

Most burnout, flip out, psycho drama happens when everyone forgets we’re playing a game. We’re all PAYING to play a game. Enjoy it or change things it’s all about choices.

I’m not going to put one about show up prepared, knowing what to do, all that jazz. That’s a given to even get or keep a raid spot now days. Common courtesy shouldn’t be dead, and just because someone is far away behind an avatar isn’t an excuse to be an asshat.

Enjoy the Reset! Happy Raiding!

See Rogue. See Rogue DPS….

It’s been awhile since I did a Rogue post. As we look at the dawning of a new expansion, I present 7 Commandments set down by Aldriana, maintainer of the Rogue Gear Spreadsheet. *Disclaimer – I lay no claim to these rules other than devotee…I merely share them here.


Follow these rules, and you will be the crazy DPS (damage per second) machine you’ve always dreamed of being….or at least you won’t be last. 😉



Aldriana’s Seven Commandments of Rogue DPS


“The first step to success as a raiding rogue is to adhere to these seven commandments of rogue DPS.”


If you don’t, may Ravenholt have mercy on your soul.


1-Don’t die.


Yeah. You’d think that would be a given, but you’d be surprised. Surprisingly, time on target actually hitting things affects our damage.


2-Don’t do anything that risks wiping the raid.


Stay alive. Don’t take risks with stealth. Don’t pull threat. ETC….


3-Maximize your time on target.


Learn to move. Manage your aggro. And guess what…..don’t die.


4-Don’t let your energy cap out.


Energy is meant to be used. Does Slice n Dice need to be refreshed? Can you use a finisher? Rupture ticking? Don’t just mash buttons. Play.


5-Don’t let SnD drop.


SnD = Slice ‘n Dice. Increases attack speed. Absolutely the most essential button you push in a raid other than getting the combo points to keep it up. The better you are at 100% uptime of this ability, the higher your dps numbers will be.


6-Use one of the spreadsheets to figure out your best cycle; this will usually be the highest rupture uptime cycle that doesn’t violate rule 4 or 5.


Spreadsheets have been linked here a couple times. I’ll setup a side bar soon. Basically go to Find the Class Mechanics forum. Search for Rogue Gear, Rogue DPS, and now the Rogue Roguecrafting spreadsheets. All are viable, and you’ll get the best results from a comparison. Must have MS Excel or Open Office to use.


7-Use your cooldowns


In the effort for SnD and Rupture uptime, don’t forget about your DPS’ other friends Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry, Haste Pots, Drums of Battle, Trinkets if not on use….all of these things will make good damage awesome damage. Admit it. Being awesome is why you rolled a rogue, right?


**Another disclaimer** – This information may become obsolete on 11/13, but I doubt it. This is not my fault. I don’t take responsibility. And I’m pretty sure the not dying one will still apply. Have fun!

Builds, patches, endgame, etc…

So much to do…so few TBC weeks to do it in. Right now, I’m frustrated with the errors I keep getting while trying to get the PTR up and running.

51/5/5 Level 70 Hunger for Blood possibly….finally a use for that Illidan dagger! (stupid glaives. grr.)

Playing with builds is the name of the game for this weekend, and I can’t wait to play test some of my theorycrafted ideas (and those I’ve gleaned from browsing over at EJ).

Warhammer launched today as well. I wish it much success. I plan on picking it up as a side game. The PvP looks fun and I like the Realm vs Realm system that Mythic did so well in Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC).

Smart Blizzard though. They’ve distracted me nicely from taking a pre-expac break in WAR with the new talents available on the PTR even to a non-beta’d player like myself. 

Burning question still left for me in The Burning Crusade is….will we down Kil’jaeden in 7.5 weeks? I believe so. Currently working on phase four now as long as no one gets the pre-expac blues early.


The date’s announced. On 11/13, we’ll all be downloading and levelling.

My 70 rogue has been copied to both the PvP and PvE PTR realms for testing of Patch 3.0.2. I’m pretty excited about trying out all the talent tree adjustments since I never got a key for any beta testing.

Now, to push and work on helping the guild down KJ by 11/13. 🙂

PvE to PvP Transfers Open

Let the hate begin

Are PvE to PvP server transfers fair? Ironically, finding well-progressed PvE guilds on PvE servers is a very difficult thing. Will all PvE servers die a slow, under-populated death?

Who knows for sure? However, I’m sure I will find some prime forum funnies material over the next few days.

Friday is for Fire?

It’s Friday again, folks. Today on the forums we receive a reminder of one of the ultimate truths to be found in BC-raiding, “Don’t stand in fire.” Now many raiders claim to have been taught this concept through Blizzard end game raiding and end game raiding in general, but I’m pretty sure the cavemen should get the credit for this one.


View the entire original post with the link. 


Don’t Stand in the Fire – The BC Way


The original poster gives a pretty comprehensive list of all dungeons and raids and the main boss mechanics to be avoided.


My favorites:

-Shade of Aran – Don’t stand in the blizzard, but stay in the fire

-Kael’thas Sunstrider – Don’t stand in the fire x10

-If I counted right I think there are 105 boss encounters and 67 that include(sp) not standing in something as the most general rule.


So based on the statistics given by the author 63.81% of the boss encounters in The Burning Crusdae expansion involve a “move it” mechanic. I wonder if in WotLK we’ll have to stand still? No, no. We’ll have to move into fire to get rid of the ice.

Latest Rogue Builds

I try to be an optimistic rogue. I know kind of oxymoronic, right? At the end of the day, this is all still in beta, and I wasn’t lucky enough to get a key. However, some of the Rogue Talent changes are causing me, and a vast majority of the other Combat Sword PvE Rogues, massive concern.

Really the game is a big math problem. Depending on your outlook, this could be exciting or not concern you at all. Right now our talents are being scattered all over various trees.

I was a dagger rogue pre-BC. I was a dagger rogue up to Lady Vashj, final boss in Tier 5 Serpentshrine Caverns, in BC. I love daggers, and I’m still very much looking forward to going Mutilate with Patch 3.0.2. However, I think it’s wrong that Blizzard is man-handling the rogue class into feeling the need to spec daggers or far into the subtlety tree. I know this happens to other classes, also, and I think that is wrong as well.

I can appreciate what they are trying to do with raid group buffs and lessening a raid’s reliance on group synergy. It’s really the only way to make 10 man raiding successful and to help a wide range of classes be welcome in a 10 man raid.

Don’t lie to my class, Blizz. That’s really all we ask. Rogues are used to be hated. We’re used to min/maxing and choosing swords over daggers even when we have to do massive amounts of PvP to obtain weapons for a PvE spec.

“We are moving Relentless Strikes because it was too necessary and making it more accessible.”

I’m sorry, but moving a 1 point second tier Assassination talent, and making it a 5 point first tier Subtlety talent is not making it more accessible.

Thank you Eredar Twins for dropping the Shiv this week. GoGo daggers and hello Mutilate. I think I’ll even try out the old positional and challenging Mutilate for my PvP this weekend. It really isn’t M’uru add friendly or I’d be all over it for raiding now.