Latest Rogue Builds

I try to be an optimistic rogue. I know kind of oxymoronic, right? At the end of the day, this is all still in beta, and I wasn’t lucky enough to get a key. However, some of the Rogue Talent changes are causing me, and a vast majority of the other Combat Sword PvE Rogues, massive concern.

Really the game is a big math problem. Depending on your outlook, this could be exciting or not concern you at all. Right now our talents are being scattered all over various trees.

I was a dagger rogue pre-BC. I was a dagger rogue up to Lady Vashj, final boss in Tier 5 Serpentshrine Caverns, in BC. I love daggers, and I’m still very much looking forward to going Mutilate with Patch 3.0.2. However, I think it’s wrong that Blizzard is man-handling the rogue class into feeling the need to spec daggers or far into the subtlety tree. I know this happens to other classes, also, and I think that is wrong as well.

I can appreciate what they are trying to do with raid group buffs and lessening a raid’s reliance on group synergy. It’s really the only way to make 10 man raiding successful and to help a wide range of classes be welcome in a 10 man raid.

Don’t lie to my class, Blizz. That’s really all we ask. Rogues are used to be hated. We’re used to min/maxing and choosing swords over daggers even when we have to do massive amounts of PvP to obtain weapons for a PvE spec.

“We are moving Relentless Strikes because it was too necessary and making it more accessible.”

I’m sorry, but moving a 1 point second tier Assassination talent, and making it a 5 point first tier Subtlety talent is not making it more accessible.

Thank you Eredar Twins for dropping the Shiv this week. GoGo daggers and hello Mutilate. I think I’ll even try out the old positional and challenging Mutilate for my PvP this weekend. It really isn’t M’uru add friendly or I’d be all over it for raiding now.

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