Friday is for Fire?

It’s Friday again, folks. Today on the forums we receive a reminder of one of the ultimate truths to be found in BC-raiding, “Don’t stand in fire.” Now many raiders claim to have been taught this concept through Blizzard end game raiding and end game raiding in general, but I’m pretty sure the cavemen should get the credit for this one.


View the entire original post with the link. 


Don’t Stand in the Fire – The BC Way


The original poster gives a pretty comprehensive list of all dungeons and raids and the main boss mechanics to be avoided.


My favorites:

-Shade of Aran – Don’t stand in the blizzard, but stay in the fire

-Kael’thas Sunstrider – Don’t stand in the fire x10

-If I counted right I think there are 105 boss encounters and 67 that include(sp) not standing in something as the most general rule.


So based on the statistics given by the author 63.81% of the boss encounters in The Burning Crusdae expansion involve a “move it” mechanic. I wonder if in WotLK we’ll have to stand still? No, no. We’ll have to move into fire to get rid of the ice.

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