Raiding Rants and Raves

Raiding can be one of the most fun aspects of an MMORPG like WoW. However, it can also be one of the most frustrating. You have to depend on other people to enjoy the game, and just like in real life they aren’t always prepared, dependable, or showing signs of brain wave activity. There are awesome, hilarious, fun moments as well. If this is not your first trip to the RR blog, you know I love the lists…incoming Raiding with Respect *zoooomm*

RogueRaider’s Tips to Raiding with Respect

Yes, WoW is JUST a game. One thing you have to remember when you decide to commit to a guild’s raid schedule is that you are affecting the fun of the game for 9, 24, or however many people….

1-If you sign up, show up.

You’d think this would be common courtesy. Sure real life emergencies happen, but I doubt they happen once a week. If they do, some life changes are definitely in order.

2-Don’t ninja log.

In other words, don’t just randomly fake a disco to get out of raid. If you need/want to bail, be upfront about it and LEAVE the instance so you aren’t taking up raid replacement space.

3-Keep loud exclamations on vent to a minimum.

I wear my headphones most of the time for a raid. I don’t need you to quicken the deafening process. It’ll be fast enough.

4-If you’re reaching burnout, take a break.

Trust me. Your guildmates would rather see you take a step back for a couple days, weeks, months then continue to raid, gear up, and randomly go psycho one day.

5-It’s a game. Enjoy it.

Most burnout, flip out, psycho drama happens when everyone forgets we’re playing a game. We’re all PAYING to play a game. Enjoy it or change things it’s all about choices.

I’m not going to put one about show up prepared, knowing what to do, all that jazz. That’s a given to even get or keep a raid spot now days. Common courtesy shouldn’t be dead, and just because someone is far away behind an avatar isn’t an excuse to be an asshat.

Enjoy the Reset! Happy Raiding!

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