Guilds and Expansion Redux

Deja vu…incoming.

Over the next 15 days until Wrath releases and for the next month or two afterward players will come and go, guilds will come and go. So it was at the dawn of TBC, and so shall it ever be.

Some view an expansion as the light at the end of the tunnel showing them the sweet, sweet freedom of nights free of grinds, loots, and ventrilo. Others view it with excitement about new gear, new dungeons, new dragons to beat.


1. Risen is back. In the same battlegroup, but making use of the PvE to PvP transfer option and relocating on Illidan. Hope they enjoy the massive lag.

2. GM-ships are being transferred. Raid lists are being reviewed. Guild leaders/officers are praying their good players stay and their meh players go casual.

Who will make it first to 80 and Naxxramas? Hold on for the PvE ride.

I still dislike that they renamed the Raid & Dungeon forum Dungeons & Raids.

Are you ready?

Hmm. I think this title is too much like the overused “Are you prepared?”

The zombie event that you either loved or hated is now over, but the world of Azeroth is still being pummelled by the Scourge via Necropolises (is that the plural?) All signs pointing to the imminent return of Arthas, The Lich King and Naxxramas.

My game days are filled with Scholo runs to finish up my Argent Dawn rep, (I want that tabard achievement!) running Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monestary for the elusive mount and pet, and enjoying my raiding downtime.

I’m really looking forward to the push to 80. The new quests and dungeons. New raids and learning an expansion from scratch with my raid guild.

See you in Northrend in 15 days!

Mourning my Ret Arena Partner

First off, the huge nerf without warning to Retribution Paladins. I could almost feel sorry for Ghostcrawler if it didn’t mean my powerful for two weeks arena team has been nuked. The thing that really bothers me about this is that Resto Druids were the darlings of TBC arena. I guess as long as you’re healing the class doing the damage everything’s gravy. Heaven forbid Paladins actually enjoy their class. To be honest, except for the 3 Ret Pallys running around together nuking in a WSG, I haven’t had any trouble countering Ret Pallys since 3.0.2. Ah well, for better or worse, the game will be balanced, rebalanced, overbalanced……to infinity and beyond. Welcome to MMO’s.

Sad thing is these nerfs hurt the entire Paladin class. Not just Retribution spec. I actually feel bad for GC’s bad day at the office after browsing through the Pally class forums…regardless of my opinion about some of the changes.

Original Post on the Live Forums detailing the Paladin Nerf.  Beta forums were down at the time of the changes –

Some quotes –

“Sorry we didn’t get a chance to pre-announce these changes before the data were pushed to the beta. I won’t try to sugarcoat it — these are nerfs.”



“Nerfing a spec or class is never fun. It means that our initial estimates of numbers were off and we know that the community is going to react negatively (to put it mildly). But we have to try and keep the game in a relatively balanced state and that is going to mean making decisions that are unpopular sometimes. If you need to blame someone for the nerfs, blame me.” – Ghostcrawler


“I’m disappointed that I was wrong, because I know it hurts our credibility. We knew that paladins would be screaming murder, so you can be absolutely sure that we wanted to make these changes….I’ll take at face value that many of you are as wounded as you claim by the changes, and I am sorry to be the one to cause you that pain.” – Ghostcrawler



Of Patches and Apathy….

Wow. I’ve been lazy. My apologies I think xpac lethargy has set in….On that note, I’ve kind of missed making lists! So incoming five things I love and five things I hate about Patch 3.0.2 and all the changes to the World of Warcraft

Five Things I love about Patch 3.0.2

1. The Zombie Event!

Even with the jerks that feel the need to “save” people from the Scourge infection, I had a blast participating in this with my guildies last night. BRAAAIIINNNSSS, anyone?

2. Assassination – 51/5/5 – in Raids

OMG YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making daggers a viable raid spec again. I missed them so much.

3. Flexibility in Raid Makeup

Less stacking and global buffs mean you can get people more play time, and not have to worry (as much) about attendance woes for “needed” classes -tanks, healers.

4. Achievements

It’s only a grind if you play it that way. I’m loving them, and just participated in my first successful 40 man city raid in three years (on a PvE server??!!). Even if I think we may have killed our server with the Undercity attempt.

5. Less Consumables

Less time farming, more time playing. I likes. Even if I do make less money off herbalism now.

Five Things I Hate About Patch 3.0.2 (these don’t really require explanation)

1. LAG!

2. Jerks cleansing me of my zombie infection even if I don’t want it.

3. “Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found” = Arena loss always in the 16-18 point range

4. Half our Sunwell raid getting stuck on Tuesday preventing our Tuesday clear and forcing us to raid on Thursday instead of being done for the week.

5. Having to repair my WoW when the patch didn’t work for me. Patch 2.3, 2.4 and 3.0.2 had to be re-downloaded. Took 4 hours. QQ.