Are you ready?

Hmm. I think this title is too much like the overused “Are you prepared?”

The zombie event that you either loved or hated is now over, but the world of Azeroth is still being pummelled by the Scourge via Necropolises (is that the plural?) All signs pointing to the imminent return of Arthas, The Lich King and Naxxramas.

My game days are filled with Scholo runs to finish up my Argent Dawn rep, (I want that tabard achievement!) running Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monestary for the elusive mount and pet, and enjoying my raiding downtime.

I’m really looking forward to the push to 80. The new quests and dungeons. New raids and learning an expansion from scratch with my raid guild.

See you in Northrend in 15 days!


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