Guilds and Expansion Redux

Deja vu…incoming.

Over the next 15 days until Wrath releases and for the next month or two afterward players will come and go, guilds will come and go. So it was at the dawn of TBC, and so shall it ever be.

Some view an expansion as the light at the end of the tunnel showing them the sweet, sweet freedom of nights free of grinds, loots, and ventrilo. Others view it with excitement about new gear, new dungeons, new dragons to beat.


1. Risen is back. In the same battlegroup, but making use of the PvE to PvP transfer option and relocating on Illidan. Hope they enjoy the massive lag.

2. GM-ships are being transferred. Raid lists are being reviewed. Guild leaders/officers are praying their good players stay and their meh players go casual.

Who will make it first to 80 and Naxxramas? Hold on for the PvE ride.

I still dislike that they renamed the Raid & Dungeon forum Dungeons & Raids.

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