Identity Crisis

I tend to be firmly on the side of Blizzard in most things. Their game, their intellectual property, etc. I’m not jumping on the fan train for the recently announced pay for Faction changes, however.

I love my little gnome main with her pigtails and her name and her stealthy ways. There’s a reason we can create “alts.” Make your money, Blizzard, but can’t some things be sacred?

There are a lot of arguments that favor faction change availability especially on PvE servers which tend to be unbalanced in the Alliance’s favor, but it makes me sad this change. If you’re going to do it, at least make a “traitor” story line. The two sides are supposed to be at war after all. World of “WAR”craft. 😉

While I’m in complaint mode, the Tier 9 Rogue light bulb shoulders are also kind of annoying. I’m already AoEing like a mage with Fan of Knives, now I have to look like one. 🙂

Much Needed Break

After a relaxing and needed break, I am please to announce the return of my posting to this blog. I levelled quickly, and then took a break from the game in early December. I decided to raid casually in Tier 7 content, but with the opening of Ulduar, I found myself missing it.

I bid farewell to good friends, and was lucky to find myself in a 3 day a week, progression-oriented guild. Nine hours a week. Fast, fun and efficient.

Ulduar and new friends have been fun and exciting. Easy modes are easy. Hard modes are enjoyable to work on and accomplish. We’ve had Yogg on farm since the end of May, and have been working our way through the instances hardmodes. Completed +4 Flame Leviathan, a server second Hodir Hard Mode I Could Say That This Cache Is Rare, XT-002 Hard Heartbreaker, and Freya Knock on Wood  as our to date accomplishments.

Happy Raiding!