Identity Crisis

I tend to be firmly on the side of Blizzard in most things. Their game, their intellectual property, etc. I’m not jumping on the fan train for the recently announced pay for Faction changes, however.

I love my little gnome main with her pigtails and her name and her stealthy ways. There’s a reason we can create “alts.” Make your money, Blizzard, but can’t some things be sacred?

There are a lot of arguments that favor faction change availability especially on PvE servers which tend to be unbalanced in the Alliance’s favor, but it makes me sad this change. If you’re going to do it, at least make a “traitor” story line. The two sides are supposed to be at war after all. World of “WAR”craft. 😉

While I’m in complaint mode, the Tier 9 Rogue light bulb shoulders are also kind of annoying. I’m already AoEing like a mage with Fan of Knives, now I have to look like one. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Identity Crisis

  1. I guess it would be too much to ask for rogues to discover an ‘aoe spec’.. :​p

    It almost sounded like it would be including a race change. Now the entire thing would automatically be justified if it allowed priest, druid etc for gnome, but I think it’s more likely only certain options. Keeping races unique to faction seems more in the spirit of justifying options for those who want them, with the minimal possible impact on those who do.. still.. care about the faction conflict..

  2. Or maybe it’s already true. Stars said that Rogue AoE was essential to their success… I haven’t seen it in action, maybe was thinking too much about the effectiveness of WC3 Fan of Knives which had a cooldown lol

  3. It’s an instant cast, but it costs 50 energy to use. It really wasn’t spammable in Tier 7 gear, but in Tier 8 the 2 piece set bonus regens energy with ticks of deadly poison. So if you FoK a large pack of mobs and apply deadly poison to each, you can pretty much spam it on the GCD.

    Threat is the main issue. That’s really solved by popping Blade Flurry, AR, Tricks of the Trade on the tank and then popping FoK. You just generated/transferred a massive ton of threat for the tank, and did a huge amount of damage to the mob pack.

  4. Yeah, I finally got to read some of Stars’ info they released as well as Kyth over at StratFu’s analysis of it.

    One thing interesting to note they have a raid team that is 250+ strong and was running multiple comps trying Yogg 0/+1. As one commenter over at StratFu put it, that’s not a guild that’s a raiding army. 🙂

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