Incoming…Patch 3.2

With the background downloader active and a retail version of the patch on the PTR, it looks like 3.2 will be hitting soon if not this Tuesday then in the next week or two.

A few of the changes I’m interested to see, a few worry me..

1. Sword specialization changed to Hack ‘n Slash for Rogues allowing them to use one-handed axes.

Why not? This change is to the combat tree. Rogues already use maces, so this goes in hand with the master of all things one-handed that is the combat rogue. In my mind, rogues will always mean the cloak and dagger master of stealth, but the change is definitely interesting.

2. Wintergrasp will now be a queued battleground instead of community generated raids.

I understand the logistical reasoning for this change, but it saddens me. Wintergrasp returned a bit of that old days world PvP feeling to the game.

3. Four different raid lockouts for the new Argent Collesium raids.

Four??!! Seriously? I’m willing to say it if I’m wrong, but this feels like a bit of overkill.

Not to mention a myriad of changes to mounts, professions, etc.

Places to read the patch notes abound. I’m just glad my guild doesn’t schedule raids on Tuesdays anymore.

Happy Raiding!


3 thoughts on “Incoming…Patch 3.2

  1. I think rogues maybe used axes in the beta..? But it was changed for stylistic reasons. No doubt many rogues will continue not to use axes, the way that paladins (before they became FotE) used to prefer maces over sharp weapons.

    I think the fact of four raid lockouts is related to the somewhat different attitudes towards BiS these days.. 😛 They don’t expect anyone to actually farm four instances, because they will already have better gear in all slots than the lower ones provide. This is mostly from just reading what the designers have treated the subject of BiS in their public comments.

  2. I love the new attitude towards casual raiding. My guild only runs 9 hours a week, and has almost completed all the hard modes in Ulduar. The days of farming like crazy and not getting to do anything enjoyable are over.

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