Possible Vanish fix announced for 3.3

So after 4+ years


From Blizzard dev and forum poster Ghostcrawler:

“We have a change for Vanish in place for 3.3. You will get to try it out soon ™. As promised, if it proves a significant buff to rogues, we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does.”

The wording of this statement actually makes me wish they’d leave things alone. 😉

Rogue NPCs

NPCs (NonPlayer Characters) add a ton of atmosphere to the game. As a rogue, I love seeing the class through the eyes of Blizzard via the Rogues you run into in game. The SI:7 headquarters under the leadership of Mathias Shaw and “The Shiv” or the Ravenholt headquarters. These all add some depth to my chosen class.

However, my most favorite Rogue NPC has to be Lonika Stillblade in the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath City. You cannot beat this former Rogue Academy leader’s advice for a bit of Rogue “flavor”

1. “Swords, claws, daggers, of course. I’ve trained rogues in the use of them all. Now maces, I won’t touch maces and I won’t instruct any rogue who gets it in his head to wield one. There’s nothing stealthy about a mace. You’re in for a noisy kill and a long cleanup if you go that route.”

2. “The trick to using evasion is realizing that the best fifteen seconds of your life are often the last.”

3. “My early classes are always filled with bright-eyed young lads. Few make it past the first test, though. I’ve given up on shouting, ‘when I yell vanish, you NEED to vanish.’ They never listen. Now, the test simply kills the inept.”

4. “Never leave home without ample supplies of flash powder, especially when working with others. I guarantee someone will run out every time. When the choice comes down to handing out materials or letting the poor sap die, I help…most of the time.”

5.”When I first set up my rogue academy in Shattrath, it wasn’t nearly this crowded. Then, the refugees started flooding in and the Naaru needed every available building to house them. I’ve closed the doors to my academy for now, but it’s not permanent. I’ll find a new place to set up. Then, a new generation of rogues will learn such staples as the gouge n’grin, combat looting, and blaming someone else for breaking polymorph. And who can forget the central rule of roguery — real rogues don’t feint.”

I wonder what Lonika thinks of axes? This feisty Night Elf entrepreneur’s quotes make me giggle. Her curriculum will need an update though…in WotLK real rogues do you use feint, the trick is to use it well but not too often. The gouge n’grin and passing blame will never go out of style. 😉

Forum Trolling

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. 🙂


Castreight a Blood Elf Rogue on Blood Furnace shared a list of his hates on the General Forums today. Some highlights – People who hate gnomes, train sets, and people who will name worgen characters after Twilight characters.

I’m going to counter with things I love:

1. The baby bunnies from two spring rabbit pets getting together.

2.  Sapping Horde players in Wintergrasp Fortress after we lose.

3. Holiday achievements. I am the Brewmaster!

4. Fighting another rogue 1v1…and winning.


How do you pass the time waiting for your raid to start?

We have about 15 minutes between initial invites and raid start. I usually do a final check of the guild strat forum to see if anything’s been changed or suggested that may affect my role. Then if we’re doing a hardmode encounter, I’ll usually pop over to stratfu or youtube to refresh myself. And the final five minutes is usually some rogue chatter in our class channel until the Raid Leader starts giving out assignments and going over our targets for the night.

Tonight I’m biding my time anxious to see how the class changes play out that went into effect in yesterday’s patch, and hoping that there aren’t any server issues or instance bugs.

edit – Yeah, I’ll miss seeing 15k FoK trash dps, but I think I’ll live. Although I may change my mind after Thorim and Yogg hardmode farms.


If you’ve played a Rogue in the World of Warcraft, you’ve probably had this statement thrown at you at least once, “Use the spreadsheet.”

Um…what? What is this mystical spreadsheet? How the heck do I find it? And best of all, WTF, it only lists epic raid gear.

Yes, my rogue friend. The spreadsheets available from the theorycrafting community over at Elitist Jerks are the best way to figure out min/maxing your character. However, if this seems intimidating or you can’t find your gear, you may need a resource that the more experienced and sometimes scary rogues on the official forums won’t send you to.

Zodar has put together an amazing reference for rogues trying to navigate their way through the mass amounts of PvE, PvP and other random gearsets available. His spreadsheets list gear based on AEP (agility equivalency points). There’s no plugging things in on your own or figuring out formulas in Excel. He also gives instructions and definitions of his meanings as well as some great starter info.

So if all the talk of spreadsheets is stressing you out, confusing you, or making you want to punch out your monitor. Head over to http://www.shadowpanther.net, and give those lists a try.

As much as I garner amusement from some of the threads on our official class forums, I remember being that rogue just trying to figure things out, too.

Another great community that’s a bit more forgiving to people that may not be hardcore raiders/pvpers can be found at http://www.roguespot.com. They’ll suggest the spreadsheets, too, but in a more forgiving and community driven way.

For the actual spreadsheets, head here:


Patch 3.2.2 Goes Live

Happy Patch Day!

Patch 3.2.2 is now available for download. This patch launches the Onyxia 4 year anniversary encounter updated to level 80 as well as some class talent changes for Rogues and a few other classes. Full official patch notes can be read here.

Don’t forget to download and update your out of date addons, and enjoy the crazy that is a WoW patch day! I’m so glad that our raiding schedule is Mon/Wed/Thurs….but my arena team is supposed to play tonight. 😦

No mention of whether talent point refunds will be given due to the class changes.

A great summary of how the 3.2.2 class changes will affect the current raid game can be found over at StratFu.

Changes affecting Rogues:

-Armor Penetration Rating: The amount of armor penetration gained per point of this rating has been reduced by 12%.


  • Envenom’s scaling has been increased from 7% to 9% of attack power per combo point.

  • Fan of Knives: The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 30%.

  • Talents

  • Assassination

  • Master Poisoner: No longer increases the Deadly Poison application rate following a successful Envenom and instead now provides a 33/66/100% chance of preventing Envenom from consuming Deadly Poison.

  • Combat

  • Throwing Specialization: This talent no longer causes Fan of Knives to interrupt spellcasting.

  • Subtlety

  • Honor Among Thieves: A 1-second cooldown is now enforced on how often a rogue can gain combo points from his party via this talent.

WotLK raiding memories

Halfway through Wrath and on our way to Catacylsm…some classic moments:

1. In the mountains….

He may not remember me, but I remember him. Thorim is a confused dude, but he gave us the most repeated phrase of Wrath raiding. He’s inspired a t-shirt for Blizzcon on EJ.com, various youtube remixes, and a rather colorful macro our MT/RL likes to use.

2. Sit a Dell

Tirion has his hands full. He’s trying to keep the Horde and Alliance from annihilating each other before they confront Arthas. But he has time for long speeches and proper pronunciations by the Light!

3. The person/people chosen to have water walking, path of frost, or levitate cast on them as the floor is breaking up in Trial of the Crusader.

Death by falling. Always funny. Thanks for giving us a new twist to the SSC elevator boss, Blizz!

4. Evasion tanking is not DEAD!

Our very first hardmode XT-002 Deconstructor kill was due to some fancy evasion tanking by rogues! From 2% to DED! 😉

5. The melee DPS officer, a ret pally, in my old guild is fussing at the melee for opening early and getting smacked by Patchwerk on our first Naxx-25 of the expansion. “Guys that’s just a total lack of attention! Aw WTF!” And we all see ___has died. He ran into slimes, not paying attention. He’ll never live down failing at frogger due to…lack of attention! 🙂

6. Best excuses for having to take an emergency afk….

“My grandma has her hand stuck in the toaster.”

“My kitchen ceiling is leaking on me! I have to call my landlord!”

Now the real questions here are…wtf was grandma doing and why are you in the kitchen?

My favorite raiding memory from TBC is causing a wipe on Vashj because the strider kiting warlock and I had to go afk during the fight due to tornado sirens and a quick exit to our basement…

Arrrrrrr….you bored?

Forgive the pirate-y title. Just a nod to “Talk Like a Pirate Day” tomorrow, September 19th. Over the past few weeks since the new Arena Season and raid tier launched, we’ve witnessed quite a bit of quitting, transferring factions, guilds closing up shop on my server.

What causes people to decide they just aren’t having fun? Is fun controlled by the individual, the environment, the developer? I’ve gone through my fair share of wow breaks, raid breaks, mini vacations. My current playtime is probably about one-third of what it was compared to BC days. I’d have to say that most of the time when I take a break it’s due to personal choice based on what life is throwing at me at that time.

My guild is going to take everyone’s opinion on the current state of raiding especially and how we want to proceed until the release of Icecrown Citadel. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s opinions and what it means for our progress.

Time to go research the overall raiding community’s take on the state of things.

On the Arena side – Both my arena partner’s had to bail on our Tuesday night time this week. Hope my 3’s team survives the mid-expansion blues… 🙂

Story of a guild

Read this article about a guild that attended Blizzcon together in the LA Times:


Interesting. My guild really doesn’t do the real life thing together. To me, it’s just a fun time thing. My vacations are still go away with the family, etc. I think this really shows that the communities and internet friendships that are built are what keeps a game going regardless of content or gear….

Raid journeys

Ah the changing of seasons, the shift in raid teams…with the fall raiding season starting up we had a bit of the changing of the guard. With a new raid instance on the table and our work to finish the last 3 achievements for our 25 man Ulduar meta, this brings challenges to overcome.

We finished up Freya hardmode (Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood) at the beginning of September, and we finished Trial of the Crusader on the night Anub’arak became available. Our current progression work finds us splitting time between learning the Northrend Beasts encounter of Trial of the Grand Crusader, and working on our Ulduar meta. This is where the new availability to extend raid ID’s really helps our guild.

We have a 9 hour a week schedule, our time is precious and we try to make very good use of it. I’m very proud of what my guild accomplishes in their short schedule. Raids are fun, fast, efficient, and relatively drama-free.

On the menu:

1. Firefighter – Mimiron’s Hard Mode

2. I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning – General Vezax’s Hard Mode

3. One Light in the Darkness – Yogg Saron with one Keeper’s Buffs

4. Clearing Heroic 25 Trial of the Grand Crusader

Tirion just talks so much….we need a FF button. 🙂