Arrrrrrr….you bored?

Forgive the pirate-y title. Just a nod to “Talk Like a Pirate Day” tomorrow, September 19th. Over the past few weeks since the new Arena Season and raid tier launched, we’ve witnessed quite a bit of quitting, transferring factions, guilds closing up shop on my server.

What causes people to decide they just aren’t having fun? Is fun controlled by the individual, the environment, the developer? I’ve gone through my fair share of wow breaks, raid breaks, mini vacations. My current playtime is probably about one-third of what it was compared to BC days. I’d have to say that most of the time when I take a break it’s due to personal choice based on what life is throwing at me at that time.

My guild is going to take everyone’s opinion on the current state of raiding especially and how we want to proceed until the release of Icecrown Citadel. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s opinions and what it means for our progress.

Time to go research the overall raiding community’s take on the state of things.

On the Arena side – Both my arena partner’s had to bail on our Tuesday night time this week. Hope my 3’s team survives the mid-expansion blues… 🙂


5 thoughts on “Arrrrrrr….you bored?

  1. LoL. Are you sure it isn’t because….

    I have been thinking that a world is large enough, when you can do what you want to in it. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it can satisfy that. However.

  2. The people we’re losing are raiders that enjoy mostly or only PvE content. However, the current raid model is a formula for burnout.

    1. 4 instance ID’s for the same 1 room instance
    2. Buggy fight mechanics that cause d/c’s and random boss resets that make you lose one of your 50 attempts.

    No one enjoys wiping for factors outside the team’s control.

    I learned a long time ago not to count on Blizzard for my fun. Find a group you enjoy running around with. Commit to that group and give 110%.

    I don’t know. Apathy just seems to be running rampant. It is an aging game, too, I guess.

  3. I wonder if those are just excuses, tho…

    would this PvE arena format be fun if it didn’t have 4 raid IDs? Would Ulduar have been fun even with buggy mechanics on certain fights, or with an attempt limit?

    It is likely a combination of many factors as you said, and those have some contribution. But I wonder if it might be more basic things.

  4. Re: age of the game, I always took interest in the concurrency releases on warcraftrealms. Before the first expansion, content was growing stale and the game needed new ways of doing things as things became more and more broken, but concurrency rose steadily. Afterwards… Blizzard hasn’t released new subscription figures recently because of losing China, but WotLK has similar US/EU numbers to TBC, with no increase and the same holiday-based spikes and decreases

  5. I guess to be fair…I personally find the Faction Champions encounter in ToC to be very fun in all it’s incarnation. And Blizz isn’t forcing anyone to raid 4 raid ID’s. So burnout/play time is really as much in the hands of the player as ever.

    It’s hard to explain….how does one define fun anyway?

    Ulduar caused a lot of server instability when released and tons of hotfixes had to go out on the bosses, but it was so different and so much fun compared to Naxxramas and the dragons. This instance just isn’t…I’ll think more on why. Maybe because we can’t complete the one we want to…selfish reasons most likely. 🙂

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