WotLK raiding memories

Halfway through Wrath and on our way to Catacylsm…some classic moments:

1. In the mountains….

He may not remember me, but I remember him. Thorim is a confused dude, but he gave us the most repeated phrase of Wrath raiding. He’s inspired a t-shirt for Blizzcon on EJ.com, various youtube remixes, and a rather colorful macro our MT/RL likes to use.

2. Sit a Dell

Tirion has his hands full. He’s trying to keep the Horde and Alliance from annihilating each other before they confront Arthas. But he has time for long speeches and proper pronunciations by the Light!

3. The person/people chosen to have water walking, path of frost, or levitate cast on them as the floor is breaking up in Trial of the Crusader.

Death by falling. Always funny. Thanks for giving us a new twist to the SSC elevator boss, Blizz!

4. Evasion tanking is not DEAD!

Our very first hardmode XT-002 Deconstructor kill was due to some fancy evasion tanking by rogues! From 2% to DED! 😉

5. The melee DPS officer, a ret pally, in my old guild is fussing at the melee for opening early and getting smacked by Patchwerk on our first Naxx-25 of the expansion. “Guys that’s just a total lack of attention! Aw WTF!” And we all see ___has died. He ran into slimes, not paying attention. He’ll never live down failing at frogger due to…lack of attention! 🙂

6. Best excuses for having to take an emergency afk….

“My grandma has her hand stuck in the toaster.”

“My kitchen ceiling is leaking on me! I have to call my landlord!”

Now the real questions here are…wtf was grandma doing and why are you in the kitchen?

My favorite raiding memory from TBC is causing a wipe on Vashj because the strider kiting warlock and I had to go afk during the fight due to tornado sirens and a quick exit to our basement…


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