How do you pass the time waiting for your raid to start?

We have about 15 minutes between initial invites and raid start. I usually do a final check of the guild strat forum to see if anything’s been changed or suggested that may affect my role. Then if we’re doing a hardmode encounter, I’ll usually pop over to stratfu or youtube to refresh myself. And the final five minutes is usually some rogue chatter in our class channel until the Raid Leader starts giving out assignments and going over our targets for the night.

Tonight I’m biding my time anxious to see how the class changes play out that went into effect in yesterday’s patch, and hoping that there aren’t any server issues or instance bugs.

edit – Yeah, I’ll miss seeing 15k FoK trash dps, but I think I’ll live. Although I may change my mind after Thorim and Yogg hardmode farms.

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