Forum Trolling

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. 🙂

Castreight a Blood Elf Rogue on Blood Furnace shared a list of his hates on the General Forums today. Some highlights – People who hate gnomes, train sets, and people who will name worgen characters after Twilight characters.

I’m going to counter with things I love:

1. The baby bunnies from two spring rabbit pets getting together.

2.  Sapping Horde players in Wintergrasp Fortress after we lose.

3. Holiday achievements. I am the Brewmaster!

4. Fighting another rogue 1v1…and winning.

5 thoughts on “Forum Trolling

  1. mm, I used to think there was no point in consuming anything without calories lol. But as time goes on I see more value in things such as tea..

    I feel bad for not adding another thing in this repy tho

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