Possible Vanish fix announced for 3.3

So after 4+ years


From Blizzard dev and forum poster Ghostcrawler:

“We have a change for Vanish in place for 3.3. You will get to try it out soon ™. As promised, if it proves a significant buff to rogues, we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does.”

The wording of this statement actually makes me wish they’d leave things alone. 😉

3 thoughts on “Possible Vanish fix announced for 3.3

  1. mhmm, random complaining as a result of lag no doubt lol. Can it still immune a deathcoil when used while it’s in flight? then it’s fine lol. However, as the devs have said constant tweaking to ensure balance as content scales and abilities are added is seen by them as unavoidable

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