Firefighters R Us!

I’m celebrating my guild’s downing of firefighter tonight. Hooray! Beers at the brewfest grounds for all. Two hardmodes in Ulduar to go! Vezax planned for Monday and Yogg One Light next week.

It’s been a great week. We took down Heroic Beasts of Northrend on Monday night. I still say it’s not the fights. It’s raid chat and the happy Vent as you get the kill.

Firefighter is probably the most intensive self-awareness check in the game presently. If you are not attuned to the environment and your own positioning the entire 9 minutes you get early deaths and a wipe. It was a pleasure learning the encounter with my team, and a true success given our 9 hours per week raid schedule.

In classic WoW speak, GG GUYS! 🙂


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