War of the Fish Feasts

We wipe. Working on progression so everyone is hurrying to the buff spot to get that next attempt in that could be the kill. Raid leader puts up the macro 45 seconds left to buff. As I check my poisons, make sure Vezax is focused, and check my buffs. I pan around for the guild fish feast. What to my wondering eyes should appear…Not one, but TWO fish feasts!

Usually our fishy goodness is handled by the guild holy priest, but this time our resto shaman beat her to it. As they argue out the waste of laying two platters of catfish in the buff spot, we wonder about the possible starving orcs in Kalimdor that would love some fishes. Classic raiding moments.


Also, I Love the Smell of Saronite…especially in the morning. Now turning off some lights, and working on Yogg with just the nightlight on. 😉


2 thoughts on “War of the Fish Feasts

  1. I’m not good with tags but sometimes humor can be obtained by the use of..​. There was just a phrase that I thought lol. The poster made me laugh ^^ Yogg will ruin your eyesight.

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