Ulduar: Defiance

Posted on WoW.com, formerly WoW Insider, today in Moviewatch was a link to Ulduar: The Movie Part 3. I’m always up for a good show, so I went to the creator’s site. This three part series captures the lore, bosses, and “feel” of Ulduar beautifully in my opinion.

In Ulduar, you are the hero. You are fighting at first to unlock the secrets and then to save your world. Heady feeling if you think about it.

A high quality version as well as the youtube links can be found here:


Made me realize one of my favorite boss quotes from the Stomcaller, “Whether the world’s greatest gnats or the world’s greatest heroes, you’re still only mortal!”

Below is the two minute trailer for the three part series. Total length of the three parts is thirty minutes.

2 thoughts on “Ulduar: Defiance

  1. Some people turn the music off in a game and some people leave it on, but if that music is from in-game I don’t see why anyone would want it off.

    I’m only on the first one, but it makes me sad more than anything else. As you have said, community holds people to a game but what any MMO really has going for it is story.

  2. We’re working on Algalon now, and the story you get while starting the fight and especially when you fail is really intense. Hopefully, we’ll buy Azeroth more time this week!

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