New Combat Rogue Guide

I love the posts over on StratFu. The boss guides are awesome, and Kyth’s blog posts are both amusing and informative. Plus, the guild just seems to have a great attitude and sense of community.

Today a new guide to the Combat Rogue has been posted by Ellyee of Fusion.

Raiding as a Combat Rogue

The guide hits all the high points that make Combat such a successful raiding spec including chaining and managing your cooldowns, hit and Armor Pen numbers, and the basic ability prioritization that should be used.


One thought on “New Combat Rogue Guide

  1. Useful stuff… Unfortunately I prefer Mutilate myself but it can be extremely challenging keeping the rotation going on certain fights for less reward than combat at the moment.

    Still I’m hoping with the incoming changes to Improved Poisons we’ll be right up there with you guys and girls.

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