Happy Winter Veil!

I hope everyone is enjoying their new BB guns, and a very happy holiday surrounded by family and friends!

The Winter Veil Song

(based on The Christmas Song-Chestnuts Roasting)

Worg haunches roasting on an open fire,

The Lich King nipping at your soul.

Winter Veil carols being sung by a friar,

And gnomes dressed up like goblin foes.

Everybody knows a jingling bell and some mistletoe,

Makes all of Azeroth’s heart light.

Druids with their hands all aglow,

Will find it hard to put enemies to sleep tonight.

They know that Father Winter is on his way,

He’s loaded as many food and presents as he may.

And everyone, Horde and Alliance, will try

to make their mounts into reindeer that can fly.

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase,

To levels from one to ninety-two,

Although it’s been said many times, many ways,

A Very Happy Winter Veil, to you.

Yeah, it’s off a bit, but heartfelt none the less. Best wishes! 🙂


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