Likes and Fixes…Patch 3.3

And today we get a round of fixes (nerfs ;)) to the previously released Patch 3.3 Frozen Halls dungeons and Icecrown Citadel raid encounters as well as some extra rewards for actually remaining in those Oculus randoms that pop up now and again.

The highlights and a LINK back to the source.


  • The Lady Deathwhisper encounter has seen the following changes in the 25 player normal version: mana pool has been reduced, the health on all adds has been reduced, and Adherents will wait a little longer after spawning before they start casting.
  • Interrupting a fireball being cast by the Ymirjar Flamebearers in normal and heroic Pit of Saron will no longer make them instantly cast Hellfire.
  • The ghost waves at the beginning of both normal and heroic Halls of Reflection have undergone several changes that should make them easier to defeat such as preventing 2 mages or 2 mercenaries from spawning in the 5 mob pulls, a shorter duration of the spectral footman’s shield bash, and the spectral mage’s flamestrike having a longer cast time, shorter duration, and (in heroic) doing less damage.
  • The Oculus loot improvements posted here have been made:

So now I feel kind of bad for being all kick happy on the PoS mobs. It’s a bit  juvenile, but seeing people post LFG H-PoS really makes me giggle inside. Also, I don’t think Lady Deathwhisper needed a nerf. It was the only fight in the first wing of ICC that really felt challenging. Oh no, it takes a few wipes to down that? We have to make it easier. Seriously guys, I didn’t love the M’uru wipe fest either, but Lady D was no where near that kind of harsh. (People who claim to have loved M’uru are 1] Sadists-in a bad way and 2]suffering from long term memory issues.)

So a couple of weeks into Patch 3.3 The Fall of the Lich King, I definitely have my likes down:

1. Mutilate. Mutilate. Mutilate – I absolutely love playing this game as a Rogue wielding daggers. I was a bit ignorant in TBC. Thus, why I subjected myself to Combat Daggers up until Lady Vashj. O..M..G…though. Mutilate is so good right now, it feels sinful to use it. Like dps-ing with really good chocolate or scotch.

2. Gunship Battle – Oh ye who complain about vehicle fights, leave your complaints at the teleporter. This fight has it all. Portals with spawning mobs, Cannons and cannon fodder, Battle mages, Faction warfare against Flying Gunships, and last but now least gas-powered ROCKET PACKS. My only regret is that I don’t have a raiding toon Horde side to see this fight from that angle, too.  As melee, I get to zip back and forth between the two ships taking down battle-mages, rocketeers, and axe throwers. Now this is gaming.

3. The opening emote sequence to ICC – Yeah, Trial of the Crusader/grand crusader and its four raid ID’s has me tired of Tirion’s emoting speeches, too. But this starter scene between him, Muradin, the Lich King, and our fallen friend Bolvar almost makes it worth it. I’m loving watching this story unfold.

4. Professor Putricide – I should probably be worried, but I’m really looking forward to stepping through the gate leading to the Plagueworks of ICC and this boss that was barely tested EU side PTR. For once, we don’t have massive amounts of PTR strats and raid kill videos. We have a basic ability list, and we’re going to have to figure it out. In 10 attempts or less. Looking forward to the intensity.

TL;DR version – Mutilate = sinfully good, Gunship Battle = stellar, My anticipation level for the rest of ICC = high

As always, happy raiding!

5 thoughts on “Likes and Fixes…Patch 3.3

  1. Dual spec does make it easier to play the specs you enjoy as a raider because you can switch for different fights to the optimal one at the push of a button.

    Yeah, I miss being able to tank things. I also miss treasure chests in instances. 😦

  2. I don’t miss combat at all to be honest.

    Then again I only used it for levelling and that’s pretty much it.

    In WoTLK I levelled from 70 – 80 using mutilate and was converted and continue to use Mutilate all the way.

    I remember how crap we were in Naxx and glad things have picked up since.

    Have to say I agree the treasure chests were nice but then go against the whole bring the player not the class.

    It’s great we get to use our rogue abilities in Icecrown with traps and the lever after Saurfang. Of course, at the moment everyone wants the rep but once that’s done people will just want nice fast runs so we will be disarming things once again.

    I do wonder what use Lockpick really is though with lockboxes being no more.

    As for switching between specs I can understand why some people want to do this. However, for me, I play not only for progression but also for fun.

    I want to play the spec I enjoy the most be it the optimum or not. For me I will always be Mutilate until we see what happens to the Subtlety tree in Cataclysm.

    My dual spec is used for PvP as I do enjoy doing Battlegrounds and a little arena time-permitting.

  3. lol, I totally forgot that treasure chests were locked :p Many silly rogues hadn’t leveled their lockpicking, anyway..

    (undeads were never big on treasure chests and I mostly ran scholo/strat at 60 so that’s why I forgot)

  4. Hey guys! Yeah, I do love disarming those traps in Icecrown. It’s fun to say “NO, don’t step there!” and have everyone wait. 🙂

    WTB!!! Oh, I do hope we get a rework of the Subtlety tree. I’d love to see a Hemo based Sub PvE build as well as a revamp for PvP, but they’d have to change the talent a ton.

    Hee Tae, while you were running Scholo/Strat, I was either levelling, raiding Horde towns, or in a battleground. Not much instancing past Mara/Uld back then for me. 🙂

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