The Fall of the Lich King

Yes, I have been a  lazy rogue.  My apologies. In game, the guild has devoted the majority of the last three weeks to working on the Lich King encounter. It was exciting, dynamic, and now it is DOWN. Rogueraider the Kingslayer.

 We’re fans of the last minute rally. The homerun on the last out in the bottom of the ninth. Final pull of the night, and it all just clicked into place. We had some terrible attempts in learning this boss. I’m sure the couple of weeks of learning took weeks off our raidleader’s WoW shelf life. However on this attempt, no d/c’s, defiles were better (unfortunately not perfect), and we were rewarded with a cut scene, a title, and a bag of hunter lewts (I’m serious).

 Why the delay in saving Azeroth from its evil Scourge master? Real life has settled in over our guild with all the fury of a winter blizzard or late summer hurricane. We have lost four core raiders in the past 4 weeks. Two healers (priest and pally), a melee, and a tank/melee is the tally (so far). They were all good friends, great guild members, and amazing raid team members. I’ll miss them all. 

Apparently we’re at that time in the expansion when people decide to hang up their raiding hats and retire from “hardcore” gaming. Even I took at break for the first few months of WotLK, missing out on tier 7 and switching guilds to come back for Ulduar.

 I have been extremely fortunate in finding this guild and becoming a member of the core raid team. The guild allows friends and family members which lets my non-raiding hubby see the same green chat I can. The raiding is fast and focused (most of the time), and it’s only 9 hours a week. Our officers and the members are amazing, and I just really love it.

 Anyway, enough Oscar type speech. There are some happenings for rogues in the current PTR test patch. Most of it appears to be talk of combat cycles returning to rupture priority. I wish I could claim that I’m up to date on it all, but I’m not. Check out the usual suspects StratFu, ElitistJerks, or MMOChampion for more detailed information.

 The plan for tonight is to get some PvP time in on our off night. I’m still not a Battlemaster. Then it’s another week of new trials, hard modes, and working our way toward Undead Dragon Mounts (SQUEEEALL) and the treachery of the Black Dragonflight.

Happy Raiding!