With each expansion and new version to the game, I re-evaluate both my life and play style. It’s pretty similar to reviewing my stock portfolio or budget once a quarter. Make some checks, do some balance adjusting.

In Vanilla WoW, it was pretty much me and the hubby levelling to 60 which took us about 10 months. We played super casually and spent most of our time with world PvP and battlegrounds. Around level 40, we grouped together with some friends we had made and started dungeon running a bit, but we never entered the 60 raid game.

When the launch of TBC occurred, we decided the new 10 man format and gear reset would allow us to try out this “PvE” content that we really had never experienced. We pushed levelling and did regular dungeons and heroics and our little guild joined with another little guild. We started doing Karazhan weekly, and the rest of the history has pretty much been recorded here.

My WoW Raiding Timeline

March 2007

Joined a 10 man casual guild and ran Kara 4 nights a week.

June 2007

Started raiding leading and officering.

September 2007

Joined a 25 man old school 40 man raiding guild and ran SSC/TK/MH/BT/ZA/SWP 6 nights a week.

July 2008

Server transfer. US Top 100 guild in SWP 4 nights, 16 hours a week. Server first type of guild.

December 2008

Went causal. Continued to run in my guild’s Friday night alt run until Ulduar.

April 2009

Joined the #2 guild on the server. 3 nights, 9 hours total. Completed Ulduar meta and Algalon, ToC hardmodes including Insanity, ICC 11/12H and ICC25 meta, Norm RS

July 2010

Retired from hardcore 25’s for good after a rough guild officer transition between January to June 2010.

November 2010

Joined 10 man casual raiding guild. Includes friends from both server 1st & 2nd guild. Tired of drama and crazy schedules.  Completed ICC 10 meta for all group members without a drake pre-4.0.3.

And there you have it. My gnome rogue will be continuing her raid game in Cataclysm.

A bit more casually when compared to the hardcore definitely, but we plan to have a blast.

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