While Waiting…

Header updated to Cataclysm. Check.

What to do while waiting for your midnight launch party, or for tomorrow’s package to arrive?

Many blogs and sites have been feverishly at work while we’ve been out lollygagging in the post-Shattering world waiting to die in a fire.

For Rogues there are some places where you can get a definite head start on all your Cataclysm knowledge needs:

1. Elitist Jerks


A favorite of hardcore PvE players for years, Elitist Jerks has what you need to know. There’s already a great rogue cata raiding at 85 FAQ posted. However, beware of posting. They do not treat either trolls or ignorance kindly on EJ.

2. RogueSpot


For a friendlier community, c’mon over to RogueSpot. We have knowledgeable rogues from top guilds, such as Feist from MidWinter, and everyone is a bit more laid back. Cerias has recently done a makeover of the site and things are ramping up.

3. Shadowpanther


For more casual rogues, who would like a quick AEP glance at gear or who need some leveling advice Shadowpanther does a great job of keeping his site updated and efficient.

Only one thing left friends….are you leveling in Hyjal or Vashj’ir first? J

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