Level 80 to 81: Seahorses!

Woo hoo guys, we’re levelling from 80 to 85! New quests, new abilities, new zones!

It took me my usual hour of troubleshooting issues with my extremely old, about to be replaced laptop, to get updated and logged in. I’m levelling with the hubby so we logged on after dinner around 7PM.

My first stop was to pick up my Flight Master’s License. 200 gold and I can fly on all my mounts anywhere in the game at 310 speed. Oh yes, do like.

We then made sure to pick up our Illustrious Grand Master of all professions, checked out the SW Hero’s call board for the Vashj’ir quest, grabbed the new Archaeology ability from Stormwind Keep and our old friend Harrison Jones, and proceeded down to the docks to begin our new adventures.

Vashj’ir was a blast. Aside from the occasional slow down due to at least half the server trying to pick up discarded helms or kill the final boss of a chain, the pace was fast and fun. I wouldn’t want to spoil too much for those that chose to go experience the Mt. Hyjal fun, but I will say SEAHORSE MOUNT. 🙂

I ran into a couple of pals from my two previous raiding guilds along the way. It reminded me of the things I’ll miss about each group. To combat the nostalgia, we also ran our first guild 5 man dungeon. Throne of the Tides showcases the TBC style complexity of instance that’s supposed to be the norm in Cataclysm.

I’m level 81, the guild is level 2, and I’m looking forward to enjoying my rested bonus xp after my character has had the day to chill in Stormwind while I was at work. 🙂

Total levelling time for level 80 to 81 was 3 hours and 27 minutes.




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