10 Man Raiding Week 1

With three weeks of the Cataclysm expansion now complete, our 10 man casualcore raiding life has begun. Our raiding roster consists of about 15 former hardcore raiders. Seven of us raided together in a US top 50 guild from Sunwell Plateau through the first couple of tiers of WotLK.

We began our raiding schedule of Thursday/Sunday from 7pm to 10pm server on Wednesday, December 22nd due to some Christmas events. On our first night we took down Baradin Hold boss Algaroth easily and moved on to Blackwing Descent in Blackrock Mountain for some wipes on Magmaw before knocking him down by the end of the night.

On Sunday, we headed back into BWD for a quick kill of the Omnitron Defense System before a night of wiping to Maloriak. By the end of the night we were hitting the enrage timer consistently, so I’m sure he’ll be the next to go down.

In addition to our raiding adventures, we’ve had fun with the following:

1. Critter Kill Squad – We are masters of the yellow. Thanks to a dedicated mage friend, our 50,000 yellow creatures were down by the end of the first few days of Cata leveling.

2. Heroics – A guild group must for the first week of Cata, the new heroics are slowly becoming puggable. Guild runs of 5 man instances for blue gear so we could raid definitely built a great foundation for our new team. Although I think we all still miss the drunk ICC runs.

3. Professions! – We have completed the achievement for Banner of Cooperation and all the members are honored. Yet still these points elude us. WHY? WHY! Lol

4. ARENA – Epic weapons, yes. Although I think Blizzard has realized that these might be a bit too obtainable. 10 wins for an epic dagger. Got my shanker. Take advantage while you can.

Now it’s back to work for me. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.



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