Rogue UI – My Favorite Addons


I love a large, clean middle of my screen. The better to find and stealth kill you, my dear. Unfortunately, I’m playing on a 5 year old laptop. The graphics upgrades to the game have not been friendly to my tired machine.

My solution has been to whittle down my addon usage to only “necessary” additions. By necessary, I really mean what I must have to be able to stand to do what I enjoy in game. As a 10man raider and avid arena player, I need clear space, quick information, and room for many keybindings.

Best change implemented in recent Cata patches for me was definitely moveable target and player frames. This allowed me to live with ditching Pitbull and Grid and move to using only the Blizzard standard raid and party frames. The name of the PvE game in Cataclysm is interrupts in Tier11 content as well as the 4.1 Troll heroics. Being forced to look at the top left corner of my screen for a spellcast in addition to watching my environment for danger and managing my cooldowns/buffs was enough to drive a gnome girl mad.

And so, the list:

1. Dominos – I absolutely cannot stand having the standard, unresizeable large standard bars. I have everything in my arsenal bound to various hotkeys. I’ve been using these abilities for 6 years plus, so I definitely don’t have to stare at them. Dominos is lightweight and extremely customizeable for all your action bar needs.

2. PowerAuras – With PA, you can show buffs & debuffs on your character with various “auras” that you can size, resize and place left, right, up, down or all around your character.

3. FuBar & Plug-ins – I use DurabilityFu & MoneyFu.

4. Omen – Threatmeter. A dead rogue does ZERO dps. Also helpful for realizing when it’s your turn to pop evasion and tank it up.

5. Skada – Damage meter, how you died, % of damage by abilities, etc.

6. Deadly Boss Mods – My favorite raiding boss timer addon since BC. I’ve tried some of the others, but I always end up using my steadfast DBM.

7. GnomishInterruptor – Announces successful interrupts to your party for easy rotation management (or finding out who failed at their blast nova on Nef). Not updated for 4.1 as of Tuesday, unfortunately. 😦

All of the above are easy to find by a quick visit to


UI Raid Style


UI -full keybinds

4.1 – Stealth Buffed? Wtf?

Never in my wildest rogue dreams would I imagine Blizzard granting the following:

“Stealth base cooldown has been reduced to 6 seconds, down from 10, and the movement penalty from being in Stealth has been removed.”

A buff to our most hated ability? We must be dreaming. After a week of battleground and arenas in my Sub spec, I can say the buff to stealth is fun but it just feels evil.

My other favorite class gain in 4.1?

“Tricks of the Trade now has a 100-yard range, up from 20.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now I don’t have to run 40 yards from my assigned Al’Akir spot to reapply TotT if my guildies get chatty when we should be pulling. 🙂

A full list of the Rogue specific changes can be found here:

Push It To The Limit: Heroic & Raid Gearing

Below are three easy suggestions for helping your rogue get raiding ready in Cataclysm. Do not expect to hold on to your Icecrown Citadel non-heroic and heroic level epics. You will start finding upgrades as early as Uldum around level 83 while leveling.

1. Reputation

All Cataclysm factions are easily grindable through the use of Faction Tabards. These scraps of cloth are purchasable from Quartermasters for the various factions at the Friendly reputation level. There is a small selection of 333 gear available at Revered and 346/359 gear available at Exalted from various factions. Some other reputation necessities for rogues include the shoulder enchant from Therazane reputation in Deepholm and the helm enchant from Ramahken in Uldum. Rep reward gear is also very useful for hitting the 329 item level score that is required for your character to enter heroic instances.

2. Justice Points and Heroic Dungeons

All of those JP you have banked from the end of Wrath can give you a head start on your new PvE outfit. If you can pick up one or two pieces of gear, it can save you massive amounts of grinding time. The Thrash Blade 1.4 speed off-hand dagger is a great starter for Assassination rogues.

3. Conquest Points

One win on a 2v2 Arena team currently = ~268 Conquest Points

5 X 268 = 1340

The conquest point cap per week for a new team/lower rating is currently set at ~1343 Conquest points. So 3 weeks of arena will currently net you a main hand and off hand weapon of greater than 420 dps.

As always, you can also check out the rogue forums over at Elitist Jerks ( for the latest in theorycrafting such as stat weights, rotations, gemming, and general practice.

Happy New Year!



With each expansion and new version to the game, I re-evaluate both my life and play style. It’s pretty similar to reviewing my stock portfolio or budget once a quarter. Make some checks, do some balance adjusting.

In Vanilla WoW, it was pretty much me and the hubby levelling to 60 which took us about 10 months. We played super casually and spent most of our time with world PvP and battlegrounds. Around level 40, we grouped together with some friends we had made and started dungeon running a bit, but we never entered the 60 raid game.

When the launch of TBC occurred, we decided the new 10 man format and gear reset would allow us to try out this “PvE” content that we really had never experienced. We pushed levelling and did regular dungeons and heroics and our little guild joined with another little guild. We started doing Karazhan weekly, and the rest of the history has pretty much been recorded here.

My WoW Raiding Timeline

March 2007

Joined a 10 man casual guild and ran Kara 4 nights a week.

June 2007

Started raiding leading and officering.

September 2007

Joined a 25 man old school 40 man raiding guild and ran SSC/TK/MH/BT/ZA/SWP 6 nights a week.

July 2008

Server transfer. US Top 100 guild in SWP 4 nights, 16 hours a week. Server first type of guild.

December 2008

Went causal. Continued to run in my guild’s Friday night alt run until Ulduar.

April 2009

Joined the #2 guild on the server. 3 nights, 9 hours total. Completed Ulduar meta and Algalon, ToC hardmodes including Insanity, ICC 11/12H and ICC25 meta, Norm RS

July 2010

Retired from hardcore 25’s for good after a rough guild officer transition between January to June 2010.

November 2010

Joined 10 man casual raiding guild. Includes friends from both server 1st & 2nd guild. Tired of drama and crazy schedules.  Completed ICC 10 meta for all group members without a drake pre-4.0.3.

And there you have it. My gnome rogue will be continuing her raid game in Cataclysm.

A bit more casually when compared to the hardcore definitely, but we plan to have a blast.

Battlegrounds with Friends

A rogue, pally, mage and shaman walk into Warsong Gulch…

And proceed to annihilate everything that moves. Mages are the masters of the field right now. Consistently, my mage friend had over 1 million damage and 25+ killing blows.

However, I’m not interested in the lack of balance that occurs after a major patch release. Soon those on top will be brought low, etc, etc. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just sit on vent chatting while running rampant through a battleground.

I know I’ve gone on about it before. The people who you hang around with are what make this game worth playing. I love nights like last night that give me such a fun reminder of its veracity. 🙂


Happy Playing!


One Week Later 4.0.1

Patch week loves and hates:

1. I LOVE being able to solo run things again. Working through some achievements that I wanted to complete. With this also goes…

2.  I LOVE recuperate! Beastly in PvP, solo grind, raid situations. It almost makes me forgive…

3. I HATE revealing strikes. Easy enough to add to the rotation, but doesn’t really bring much to the table rather than another button. HfB 2.0

4. I HATE disconnecting. In battlegrounds when I return a flag, in ICC10 when I take the port to Sindragosa, etc.

5. I LOVE the group of friends I’ve been running ICC H10/10 with. Usually two days a week full clears, and we have a rip roaring, slightly drunk, good time. ‘Course it helps that we’re all retired hardcore types.

Twilight of the expansion. Enjoy the last few weeks, folks.


I’m pretty much the only Rogue blogger that has not done a write-up of the class preview. Short and Sweet.

Original Link –

1. Smoke Bomb – Intriguing. Also, I cannot wait to use in PvP. Appears to have limited use for PvE, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.

2. Redirect – Stealing a comment from Feist of Ysera, “lol at a former bug being introduced as new content”

3. Also, I like the concept of less of our damage being dependent on passive white damage and poison damage and more due to active abilities.

A lot of people are upset at our lack of sweeping changes. However, in my fifth year of rogue-ing, I believe we really are in a decent place. Tricks has given us utility (although it’s looking at a nerf in Cata) and our damage is on par with other classes. Raids have a tendency to become monotonous if overplayed, but that’s pretty typical at this point in an expac.

Moveing on to Cataclysm info!

1. Hyjal zone preview has been released over at the Cataclysm official site.

2. I’ve been working on loremaster, and I have decided I am overwhelmingly excited about flying mounts in old zones.

3. Looking forward to experiencing the new guild levelling and achievement system.

As always, happy raiding!

Heading into the Home Stretch

For a sort of World Series themed post, I think we all believe that the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is heading for home with what is probably the last major content patch before Cataclysm hits Azeroth moving closer to live.

I haven’t done a list post in a while, and I love some lists! So here are my favorite memories from Wrath of the Lich King:

1. Veteran of the Wrathgate

If I didn’t love WotLK until this moment, at 74 it captured me. The series of quests that start in Wintergarde Keep with my Rogue assisting the 7th Legion at the foot of Naxxramas, and leading up to the ill-fated joint Horde/Alliance assualt led by Bolvar and Saurfang on the Lich King at the Wrathgate captured my imagination. I enjoyed the series equally on my two alts that I levelled to max. This is truly the most epic chain I think I have experienced. I was a part of history, and a part of the world.

2. In the mountains

Catch phrases are fun. From the many wipes on Thorim and his hard mode, every guild enjoyed some form of joke at the forgetful Keeper’s expense. IN THE MOUNTAINS…this one lives on as an inside raider joke and an Elitist Jerks Blizzcon Tee.

3. War of the Fish Feasts

Fish Feasts. A buff food feast that can be shared by your entire team. Raiders old and new love you for providing this feast of less grinding for raid buffs. And sometimes your worth more than one. Grats to one of our hunters who won the coveted 5 dkp prize for spelling our guild’s initials out in fish feasts, and gave us all a screenshotted raid memory.

4. Firefighters

More than any of the Ulduar hardmodes, I’m going to take this Mimiron hard mode fight with me. It requires a coordination and personal accountability that isn’t to be found in many of the WotLK raid fights. It was sometimes frustrating, and we worked on it for hours. The kill was a blast.

5. Defeating the Twin Val’kyrs

Another favorite raiding moment, we struggled for several raids to manage the Twins Pact a moment when the raid has to burn down a shield and interrupt a healing cast. On our kill, the MT for Darkbane died at 11%, our last special was a light shield with 6 DPS down, and we managed to burn it and get the kill. Epic shouting and rejoicing for all. Luckily for our raid leaders nerves, subsequent kills are cleaner.

6. Massive Sinster Calling Runs

Everyone became more helpful and friendly than usual doing multiple Headless Horseman runs to ensure that those working on “The Hallowed” could achieve their goals.

7. Battleground Experience

I am having a blast levelling my DK that would probably have sat untouched. My significant other and I have taken our toons from 58-69 (thus far) mostly by taking advantage of the new PvP levelling system. You meet interesting people to be sure, and it’s a great break from the grindy feel of questing.

I’m sure I’ll have many more things to add with the 3.3 Icecrown Citadel Patch experience. Overall, I’m playing less and having more fun than I did in TBC days, even if I do miss some of the raiding aspects that made TBC fun. Things I wish would go away forever? Gear scoring and people that live for trade chat trolling. 😉

Possible Vanish fix announced for 3.3

So after 4+ years

From Blizzard dev and forum poster Ghostcrawler:

“We have a change for Vanish in place for 3.3. You will get to try it out soon ™. As promised, if it proves a significant buff to rogues, we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does.”

The wording of this statement actually makes me wish they’d leave things alone. 😉