Side Note #100

Wow. Just informed by wordpress that the last post was number 100 for me! Three years and 100 posts later and still raiding on my rogue.

This blog was started to replace a blog I had started on a site called Guild Cafe during Karazhan. At that time, I was an officer/Assistant GM for a 10 man guild that was trying to transition to 25’s and Gruul’s. We ended up absorbed by the 3rd ranked guild on my original server, and thus began my extremely hardcore raiding schedule. We ran 6 nights a week, 3 hours a night. As you can imagine, that took a toll on everything in my life.

After about 9 months of 100% attendance, I server transferred to join a guild that ran 4 hours a night, 4 days a week. Both guilds had stopped running MH/BT and were on SWP. With Wrath launch, I was struggling to find the desire to maintain a Top 50 guild mentality and desire. I quit raiding and then the game for about 3 months. With Ulduar, I was feeling the bug again and joined a 3 night/3 hour guild. We progressed through all content and I stopped raiding after a year and a half of 95% attendance. In Cataclysm, I joined a group of friends from my two former guilds to raid strict 10s on a casual schedule. Some quit after Tier 11, and the rest of us are attempting to plug along.

What a raiding journey. For the most part, I’ve been fortunate to play with some great people and great guilds. I’ve got a ton of WoW stories and even gained some real life friends.

Long winded wow history over. Let the raiding discussions commence. 🙂

Battlegrounds with Friends

A rogue, pally, mage and shaman walk into Warsong Gulch…

And proceed to annihilate everything that moves. Mages are the masters of the field right now. Consistently, my mage friend had over 1 million damage and 25+ killing blows.

However, I’m not interested in the lack of balance that occurs after a major patch release. Soon those on top will be brought low, etc, etc. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to just sit on vent chatting while running rampant through a battleground.

I know I’ve gone on about it before. The people who you hang around with are what make this game worth playing. I love nights like last night that give me such a fun reminder of its veracity. 🙂


Happy Playing!


One Week Later 4.0.1

Patch week loves and hates:

1. I LOVE being able to solo run things again. Working through some achievements that I wanted to complete. With this also goes…

2.  I LOVE recuperate! Beastly in PvP, solo grind, raid situations. It almost makes me forgive…

3. I HATE revealing strikes. Easy enough to add to the rotation, but doesn’t really bring much to the table rather than another button. HfB 2.0

4. I HATE disconnecting. In battlegrounds when I return a flag, in ICC10 when I take the port to Sindragosa, etc.

5. I LOVE the group of friends I’ve been running ICC H10/10 with. Usually two days a week full clears, and we have a rip roaring, slightly drunk, good time. ‘Course it helps that we’re all retired hardcore types.

Twilight of the expansion. Enjoy the last few weeks, folks.

A Tribute to Raid Leaders

They know the strats inside and out. They perform their raid role exceptionally well while leading others through assignments and call outs.

The Raid Leader

My guild went through three exceptional raid leaders in the Wrath of the Lich King. Of the three, two play extremely casually and one has left the realms of Azeroth permanently.

The led us through the wings of Naxxramas, in the mountains of Ulduar, against the Champions and Enemies of the Argent Tournament, and finally in the slaying of the Lich King and his lieutenants.

The Warlock – He led us through all of Naxx and Normal mode Ulduar up to Yogg-Saron. He ended up needing to stay quieter during raids and passed off to…

The Warrior – He led us through all of Ulduar’s Hard Modes. Firefighter, Algalon and Trial of the Grand Crusader as well as the launch of Icecrown Citadel.

The Pally – An amazing main tank through the entire expansion. He held us together when our leadership went casual. An amazing chance to fulfill a real life dream dragged him off.

Two main tanks and a mad dps’er. They’ve since been replaced by a Hunter who I know will do an amazing job.

Sadly, this is also the end of my hardcore, raiding journey in the 25 man format, but it was a hell of a ride.

In Cataclysm, I have plans to join up with some friends on a casual 10 man basis and play it for fun like the game it is.

To our great leaders and to an awesomely successful expansion. Best of luck, guys!

Meta achieved for Naxx, Ulduar, and Icecrown Citadel.

One of two guilds on the server to defeat Algalon prior to ICC launch.

One of two guilds on the server to date that has killed Anub on Heroic in ToGC.

Happy Raiding!


I’m pretty much the only Rogue blogger that has not done a write-up of the class preview. Short and Sweet.

Original Link –

1. Smoke Bomb – Intriguing. Also, I cannot wait to use in PvP. Appears to have limited use for PvE, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.

2. Redirect – Stealing a comment from Feist of Ysera, “lol at a former bug being introduced as new content”

3. Also, I like the concept of less of our damage being dependent on passive white damage and poison damage and more due to active abilities.

A lot of people are upset at our lack of sweeping changes. However, in my fifth year of rogue-ing, I believe we really are in a decent place. Tricks has given us utility (although it’s looking at a nerf in Cata) and our damage is on par with other classes. Raids have a tendency to become monotonous if overplayed, but that’s pretty typical at this point in an expac.

Moveing on to Cataclysm info!

1. Hyjal zone preview has been released over at the Cataclysm official site.

2. I’ve been working on loremaster, and I have decided I am overwhelmingly excited about flying mounts in old zones.

3. Looking forward to experiencing the new guild levelling and achievement system.

As always, happy raiding!

Rogue Raid Buffs

Yes, you read the title right. Rogue raid BUFFS. I’m astonished at the number of posts, tweets, trade chat complaints I see that believe rogues still don’t contribute anything but damage to raid groups.

The days of rogues providing nothing more than some serious single target damage per second are long gone.

Following the “bring the player, not the class/spec” mentality of WoW WotLK raiding, all buffs are mirrored or similar to what other classes can provide.

1.  Savage Combat is a 4% increase to physical damage to any target you have poisoned, and is provided by a Combat Rogue. Its mirror is an Arms Warrior’s Blood Frenzy ability.

2. Master Poisoner provides 3% increased critical chance to any target you have poisoned and is provided by a Mutilate Rogue. Its mirror is provided by two other class types a Ret Paladin’s Heart of the Crusder or a Shaman’s Totem of Wrath.

3. Tricks of the Trade. The premium ability that Rogues gained in Wrath of the Lich King, in my opinion. Glyphed this ability provides a 15% damage increase by the person you target for 10 seconds, and they also receive all threat generated by you during that time frame. Similar to Hunter’s misdirect, but with many more options in its use in high end raiding or even your random dungeon group.

Side note – With the changes to Warlocks and Shaman coming out today, looks like beta for Cataclysm isn’t far behind!

Now I’m off to work more on H-ICC25. We’re currently sitting at 7/12 Hard Modes. We were unfortunate to get hit with some roster change ups after our first Lich King kill. Mostly people deciding they were at the end of their WoW time.

Happy Raiding!

The Fall of the Lich King

Yes, I have been a  lazy rogue.  My apologies. In game, the guild has devoted the majority of the last three weeks to working on the Lich King encounter. It was exciting, dynamic, and now it is DOWN. Rogueraider the Kingslayer.

 We’re fans of the last minute rally. The homerun on the last out in the bottom of the ninth. Final pull of the night, and it all just clicked into place. We had some terrible attempts in learning this boss. I’m sure the couple of weeks of learning took weeks off our raidleader’s WoW shelf life. However on this attempt, no d/c’s, defiles were better (unfortunately not perfect), and we were rewarded with a cut scene, a title, and a bag of hunter lewts (I’m serious).

 Why the delay in saving Azeroth from its evil Scourge master? Real life has settled in over our guild with all the fury of a winter blizzard or late summer hurricane. We have lost four core raiders in the past 4 weeks. Two healers (priest and pally), a melee, and a tank/melee is the tally (so far). They were all good friends, great guild members, and amazing raid team members. I’ll miss them all. 

Apparently we’re at that time in the expansion when people decide to hang up their raiding hats and retire from “hardcore” gaming. Even I took at break for the first few months of WotLK, missing out on tier 7 and switching guilds to come back for Ulduar.

 I have been extremely fortunate in finding this guild and becoming a member of the core raid team. The guild allows friends and family members which lets my non-raiding hubby see the same green chat I can. The raiding is fast and focused (most of the time), and it’s only 9 hours a week. Our officers and the members are amazing, and I just really love it.

 Anyway, enough Oscar type speech. There are some happenings for rogues in the current PTR test patch. Most of it appears to be talk of combat cycles returning to rupture priority. I wish I could claim that I’m up to date on it all, but I’m not. Check out the usual suspects StratFu, ElitistJerks, or MMOChampion for more detailed information.

 The plan for tonight is to get some PvP time in on our off night. I’m still not a Battlemaster. Then it’s another week of new trials, hard modes, and working our way toward Undead Dragon Mounts (SQUEEEALL) and the treachery of the Black Dragonflight.

Happy Raiding!

Catching up!

I apologize for the frozen wasteland that has been my blog over the past month. I’ve had a whirlwind of that game killing real life thing. On the plus side, it was all positive. 🙂

On the raid front, I have really been enjoying Icecrown Citadel 25 man. The Professor Putricide encounter was especially exciting to learn. It’s a movement based fight with a lot of target switching and chaos. Plus, you can vanish tear gas and get cheered on by your stunned guildies. It’s a blast.

Thus far in ICC:

1. Met a remorseful DK who is repenting past deeds by gouging his eyes and smithing.

2.  Learned a bit more about the fate of Bolvar Fordragon.

3.  Destroyed Putricide’s twin terrors of the grotesque, and experienced a Flu Shot Shortage.

4. Experienced the embrace of a Vampyre.

5. Saved a dragon.

6. Sindragosa’s voice is the most screechy, irritating thing I’ve experienced in 3 years of raiding.


Happy February! 🙂

Balancing Act

Yes, Rogues were hit with the “Balance” stick over the past week. However, I will say the changes didn’t hit as hard as I feared. Or, it’s possible that I just braced myself for it more than I realized.

The base numbers coming down through the “internetz” is that it works out to about a 7-8% drop in Mutilate damage and a 2% for Combat.


Nerfing and Balancing are just a part of life in any MMO really. The part of this change that bothers me is really the fact that the developers stated that it was due to their notice of guilds stacking rogues for certain encounters. A lot of those guilds of course then benched or kicked the rogues and brought other classes. I was trying to find the quote so I’m not just slandering the posters in blue, but I’ve been unsuccessful for the moment.

Things like this do make feel a bit for fellow rogues not as lucky as I. Sure, we’re all stealthy loners that love the shadows, but we do enjoy some group play now and again. Thank you to my guild’s officers for your wonderful job at keeping the class balance and maintaining the roster and attitude we have. It’s a pleasure to stab for you.

Although Ghostcrawler did get a snappy new sig from the Rogue “hotfixes”:

“Blizzard’s solution was F) Destroy the sun.”

Will I lose my Rogue card if I claim to not care whether I’m first or 10th on an addon damage meter as long as the boss dies or the encounter is successful?

Likes and Fixes…Patch 3.3

And today we get a round of fixes (nerfs ;)) to the previously released Patch 3.3 Frozen Halls dungeons and Icecrown Citadel raid encounters as well as some extra rewards for actually remaining in those Oculus randoms that pop up now and again.

The highlights and a LINK back to the source.


  • The Lady Deathwhisper encounter has seen the following changes in the 25 player normal version: mana pool has been reduced, the health on all adds has been reduced, and Adherents will wait a little longer after spawning before they start casting.
  • Interrupting a fireball being cast by the Ymirjar Flamebearers in normal and heroic Pit of Saron will no longer make them instantly cast Hellfire.
  • The ghost waves at the beginning of both normal and heroic Halls of Reflection have undergone several changes that should make them easier to defeat such as preventing 2 mages or 2 mercenaries from spawning in the 5 mob pulls, a shorter duration of the spectral footman’s shield bash, and the spectral mage’s flamestrike having a longer cast time, shorter duration, and (in heroic) doing less damage.
  • The Oculus loot improvements posted here have been made:

So now I feel kind of bad for being all kick happy on the PoS mobs. It’s a bit  juvenile, but seeing people post LFG H-PoS really makes me giggle inside. Also, I don’t think Lady Deathwhisper needed a nerf. It was the only fight in the first wing of ICC that really felt challenging. Oh no, it takes a few wipes to down that? We have to make it easier. Seriously guys, I didn’t love the M’uru wipe fest either, but Lady D was no where near that kind of harsh. (People who claim to have loved M’uru are 1] Sadists-in a bad way and 2]suffering from long term memory issues.)

So a couple of weeks into Patch 3.3 The Fall of the Lich King, I definitely have my likes down:

1. Mutilate. Mutilate. Mutilate – I absolutely love playing this game as a Rogue wielding daggers. I was a bit ignorant in TBC. Thus, why I subjected myself to Combat Daggers up until Lady Vashj. O..M..G…though. Mutilate is so good right now, it feels sinful to use it. Like dps-ing with really good chocolate or scotch.

2. Gunship Battle – Oh ye who complain about vehicle fights, leave your complaints at the teleporter. This fight has it all. Portals with spawning mobs, Cannons and cannon fodder, Battle mages, Faction warfare against Flying Gunships, and last but now least gas-powered ROCKET PACKS. My only regret is that I don’t have a raiding toon Horde side to see this fight from that angle, too.  As melee, I get to zip back and forth between the two ships taking down battle-mages, rocketeers, and axe throwers. Now this is gaming.

3. The opening emote sequence to ICC – Yeah, Trial of the Crusader/grand crusader and its four raid ID’s has me tired of Tirion’s emoting speeches, too. But this starter scene between him, Muradin, the Lich King, and our fallen friend Bolvar almost makes it worth it. I’m loving watching this story unfold.

4. Professor Putricide – I should probably be worried, but I’m really looking forward to stepping through the gate leading to the Plagueworks of ICC and this boss that was barely tested EU side PTR. For once, we don’t have massive amounts of PTR strats and raid kill videos. We have a basic ability list, and we’re going to have to figure it out. In 10 attempts or less. Looking forward to the intensity.

TL;DR version – Mutilate = sinfully good, Gunship Battle = stellar, My anticipation level for the rest of ICC = high

As always, happy raiding!