Builds, patches, endgame, etc…

So much to do…so few TBC weeks to do it in. Right now, I’m frustrated with the errors I keep getting while trying to get the PTR up and running.

51/5/5 Level 70 Hunger for Blood possibly….finally a use for that Illidan dagger! (stupid glaives. grr.)

Playing with builds is the name of the game for this weekend, and I can’t wait to play test some of my theorycrafted ideas (and those I’ve gleaned from browsing over at EJ).

Warhammer launched today as well. I wish it much success. I plan on picking it up as a side game. The PvP looks fun and I like the Realm vs Realm system that Mythic did so well in Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC).

Smart Blizzard though. They’ve distracted me nicely from taking a pre-expac break in WAR with the new talents available on the PTR even to a non-beta’d player like myself. 

Burning question still left for me in The Burning Crusade is….will we down Kil’jaeden in 7.5 weeks? I believe so. Currently working on phase four now as long as no one gets the pre-expac blues early.