Jumping In Swords First

I don’t believe in the introductory type of blog entry. Hi, my name is Anonymous Internet Identity and I’m going to start blogging about things you may or may not care about. It sounds kind of like you’re introducing yourself to a group help session of some kind. (cue Fight Club quotes here). I’ll just get started with my opinions….read on, you’ll get to know me whether you want to or not!

Most of the time, the WoW forums are filled with trolls and randomness….I support randomness and the occasional amusing troll…

Every once in a while, I find that forum post that actually does make me laugh out loud. Today’s fun post comes from the WoW Dungeon & Raid forum. Pylae, from the Arthas realm, shares the top 10 reasons that becoming a Blizzard developer is not on the horizon. I love #9. Usually I’m not much of one for actively grinding faction rep, but that one rocks. First three listed, for the rest follow the link:

Ragnaros would be added after the final boss of every dungeon. BY FIRE BE PURGED!!!

I’d add a faction “Squirrel Army.” Getting exalted with the squirrel army would reward you with a tabard that gave +200 to all stats. You would start at 36,000 hated, and would gain 1 reputation every time you killed a squirrel. At 20,999 revered, reputation gains would stop. It would never be fixed, and the entire faction would be removed as soon as people figured out I was just screwing with them.

The least popular instances would have important level 70 reagents for raiding added to them. Particularly SM Graveyard, Razorfen Downs, Razorfen Kraul, and Dire Maul. It would take hundreds of hours worth of grinding to get enough.

#1-7 Top 10 Reasons I’m Not A Blizzard Developer

Hmm…I think my top 10 would include the fact that I’m not very artistically talented, have little to no coding knowledge, and can basically only add money or make coffee…ah well.

No Wrath beta key for me as of yet. A couple of guildies have them since I’m on a West Coast server and am guilded with lots of Cali guild members who can actually attend BlizzCon easily. Supposedly, there’s a graphics update. Although the Rogue class is getting absolutely no love in this xpac. Congrats Pallys the stage and story are all yours.