Story of a guild

Read this article about a guild that attended Blizzcon together in the LA Times:,0,1886997.story?page=1

Interesting. My guild really doesn’t do the real life thing together. To me, it’s just a fun time thing. My vacations are still go away with the family, etc. I think this really shows that the communities and internet friendships that are built are what keeps a game going regardless of content or gear….

Blizzcon ’08 – did you F5 enough?

I’m not going. Knew I didn’t have a chance of going, and so I missed out on all the fun of trying to obtain tickets to this year’s Blizzcon.

However, several in-game buds had the pleasure of doing the daily quest – “Hit your F5 button 5 million times and win” – Some were lucky, others not so much.

One person immortalized the ticket sales in a planned peaceful protest t-shirt to wear to the event.

Check it out – Failoc T-Shirt

There’s a front and back. Can’t wait to hear his story of how it’s received at Blizzcon.