Parse Me the DPS

Back from vacation and in serious need of a refresher to revive my DPS output, I started searching through my guild’s World of Logs parses. After annoying myself with multiple tab switching, I began a search for analysis tools, tips, and tricks.

The first find that caught my eye was a link to Encrypted Text over at WoW Insider. In Chase Christian’s article, “Steal these Rogue Tips,” he shares a nifty tool called CompareBot!.

Compare bot will allow you to analyze your raid parse for things like consumable usage or possible mistakes made in fight mechanics management. In addition, you can also use the “epeen” tool to find out where your WoL parses put you when compared to other raiders.

It’s always fun to find a new browser tool to work with. Plus, I learned that my rupture uptime could definitely use some TLC. 🙂

Happy Raiding!


Push It To The Limit: Heroic & Raid Gearing

Below are three easy suggestions for helping your rogue get raiding ready in Cataclysm. Do not expect to hold on to your Icecrown Citadel non-heroic and heroic level epics. You will start finding upgrades as early as Uldum around level 83 while leveling.

1. Reputation

All Cataclysm factions are easily grindable through the use of Faction Tabards. These scraps of cloth are purchasable from Quartermasters for the various factions at the Friendly reputation level. There is a small selection of 333 gear available at Revered and 346/359 gear available at Exalted from various factions. Some other reputation necessities for rogues include the shoulder enchant from Therazane reputation in Deepholm and the helm enchant from Ramahken in Uldum. Rep reward gear is also very useful for hitting the 329 item level score that is required for your character to enter heroic instances.

2. Justice Points and Heroic Dungeons

All of those JP you have banked from the end of Wrath can give you a head start on your new PvE outfit. If you can pick up one or two pieces of gear, it can save you massive amounts of grinding time. The Thrash Blade 1.4 speed off-hand dagger is a great starter for Assassination rogues.

3. Conquest Points

One win on a 2v2 Arena team currently = ~268 Conquest Points

5 X 268 = 1340

The conquest point cap per week for a new team/lower rating is currently set at ~1343 Conquest points. So 3 weeks of arena will currently net you a main hand and off hand weapon of greater than 420 dps.

As always, you can also check out the rogue forums over at Elitist Jerks ( for the latest in theorycrafting such as stat weights, rotations, gemming, and general practice.

Happy New Year!



I’m pretty much the only Rogue blogger that has not done a write-up of the class preview. Short and Sweet.

Original Link –

1. Smoke Bomb – Intriguing. Also, I cannot wait to use in PvP. Appears to have limited use for PvE, but I’m taking a wait and see approach.

2. Redirect – Stealing a comment from Feist of Ysera, “lol at a former bug being introduced as new content”

3. Also, I like the concept of less of our damage being dependent on passive white damage and poison damage and more due to active abilities.

A lot of people are upset at our lack of sweeping changes. However, in my fifth year of rogue-ing, I believe we really are in a decent place. Tricks has given us utility (although it’s looking at a nerf in Cata) and our damage is on par with other classes. Raids have a tendency to become monotonous if overplayed, but that’s pretty typical at this point in an expac.

Moveing on to Cataclysm info!

1. Hyjal zone preview has been released over at the Cataclysm official site.

2. I’ve been working on loremaster, and I have decided I am overwhelmingly excited about flying mounts in old zones.

3. Looking forward to experiencing the new guild levelling and achievement system.

As always, happy raiding!

The end is coming….

Well, the end to Azeroth as we know it. I really am a fan of the “phasing” that was introduced with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The changing world is going to be taken to an entirely new level in the game as events leading up to the launch of the newly announced expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will change the face of Azeroth as we know it.

Despite gear, despite class balance issues that we will probably all argue about for years to come….I think we’re seeing Blizzard take this 5 year old MMO in potentially great directions:

1. The addition of titles to the game in Wrath. It’s a fun feature. I’d rather have a title than a piece of gear that’s going to be replaced with the next patch….but I’ll always be Crusader So and So,  Champion of the Argent Tournament.

2. Phasing the game to change the world environment as you progress through the quests/storyline.

3. I have hopes for the new guild systems that will be introduced in Cataclysm. Guild levelling, skills, and guild PvP incentives….it’s a social game. I think Guilds really started to fascinate me after watching Tales of the Past. Is it a friendship? A brotherhood? Or a group using each other for loot? Only you and your guildmates can decide. 😉

4. I know it’s a way to drag the marketability of the game out. Blizzard does have money to make after all, but it’s a good thing to only have 5 more levels unlocked in the next xpac. You can lose the story easily in the mad rush to end game. Stop and look around.

5. Flip side, I’m still not sure about race changes….I’d feel like a traitor switching my gnome rogue to a human or worgen or undead….

Sorry for the long break. Had a nice family vacation at the end of August. Rested, rejuved, ready for fall! 🙂