More on Resources for Rogues

I noticed that I’m getting some traffic from people searching for rogue raiding builds, etc. So today, I’ll go a bit more in depth on resources I touched on in a previous post.


The best advice to remember is “A dead rogue does 0 dps.” Learn your fights. Be aware. Stay Alive. Or none of the rotation tweaking, energy pooling, or gearing is going to matter.


When working on a raiding rogue, your best resource is reading the posts over at the Elitist Jerks forums on class mechanics. Those guys do extensive in-game testing and theorycrafting that most of us just don’t have time to do. Well thought-out descriptions, questions with WWS (wow web stats) information will almost always get a good, helpful response. Also, there are resources for every class available to play in WoW.


EJ – TBC Roguecraft 101

EJ – WotLK Rogue PvE DPS


These posts/threads contain information on raiding builds, rotations, gemming, etc. Everything you need to maximize your output and get the most out of your gear for dps and raid effectiveness.


It’s also a good idea to check out the gear spreadsheets available. These will help you tweak your combat rotation to your gear/buffs/possible procs.


Roguecraft Spreadsheet

Aldriana’s Gear Spreadsheet (latest update 7-24-08 )


Use caution when asking questions on the official WoW forums. Rogues as a class tend to be a little…less than friendly. Not surprising from a class that makes a living stabbing/slicing from behind, I guess.


Feel free to leave me comments with questions about raiding rogue builds, or whatever. If I don’t know the answer, I’ve probably been doing this long enough to know where to find it. The community of theorycrafters and the amount of good information available out there for Rogues really does make it a very fun class to play.


Good luck raiding!