Friday is for Forum Trolls!

Today’s fun forum find comes from the WoW Raid & Dungeon Forums…for all your e-peen needs create a lvl 1 alt and claim vast raiding knowledge!


If Michael Phelps were a raid boss, he would be….


If you’ve been following the Summer Olympic Games or watched the news in the past week, I’m sure you’ve seen/heard of Michael Phelps. Olympian swimmer for the U.S. winning gold medals and breaking records along the way.


Side note – The competitor’s tabard in the WoW Olympic Event is really ugly. Really, really ugly. No offense to the designer. Or maybe it just looks really bad with my rogue’s gear.


There are a ton of votes for the obvious, The Lurker Below. The most visually disturbing reply is located in the 20 spot. I’m going to be picturing Bob Costas in a light that I really didn’t want to all weekend. Thanks. Now my pain is your pain. Also amusing is #44 from a supposed college classmate. And as always with the WoW forum community, the thread derails into an argument about which Olympic event matters.