Possible Vanish fix announced for 3.3

So after 4+ years


From Blizzard dev and forum poster Ghostcrawler:

“We have a change for Vanish in place for 3.3. You will get to try it out soon ™. As promised, if it proves a significant buff to rogues, we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does.”

The wording of this statement actually makes me wish they’d leave things alone. 😉

How to’s and the future of Rogues


“How to Rogue”


What if you could instantly be given the keys to being the baddest bad @$$ rogue in Azeroth? Snuge says he has the answer for you. http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=12065332321&sid=1&pageNo=1


Parts of this forum find were not of “lol” quality.  However, the following line drew a giggle from me:

”The key to defeating all classes no matter what build you have is to kill them before you die.” – Level 1 Forum Alt Snuge, Stormreaver


That’s classic rogue advice there. He even spelled it rogue not rouge.


Rogue Class Development for WotLK


More rogue news on the forums as we actually get a blue response to some rogue questions on the new “damage dealer” forums. The run down by chatty Blizz dev Ghostcrawler:


I know there is a fair amount of concern about the future of the class (as there is with every class), but we think rogues are in a pretty good spot for both PvE and PvP. If I don’t respond to rogue issues as much as the community would like, it’s probably because we aren’t as worried about them as much in general (though I did mention some specific areas above).





Overall, I have to say I’m fairly happy with how Rogues are shaping up for Wrath (even if I end up combat swords again). Even if all the other classes seem to be unified in hate against us. 🙂



Mourning my Ret Arena Partner

First off, the huge nerf without warning to Retribution Paladins. I could almost feel sorry for Ghostcrawler if it didn’t mean my powerful for two weeks arena team has been nuked. The thing that really bothers me about this is that Resto Druids were the darlings of TBC arena. I guess as long as you’re healing the class doing the damage everything’s gravy. Heaven forbid Paladins actually enjoy their class. To be honest, except for the 3 Ret Pallys running around together nuking in a WSG, I haven’t had any trouble countering Ret Pallys since 3.0.2. Ah well, for better or worse, the game will be balanced, rebalanced, overbalanced……to infinity and beyond. Welcome to MMO’s.

Sad thing is these nerfs hurt the entire Paladin class. Not just Retribution spec. I actually feel bad for GC’s bad day at the office after browsing through the Pally class forums…regardless of my opinion about some of the changes.

Original Post on the Live Forums detailing the Paladin Nerf.  Beta forums were down at the time of the changes –http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=11829377161&postId=118283027493&sid=1#0



Some quotes –

“Sorry we didn’t get a chance to pre-announce these changes before the data were pushed to the beta. I won’t try to sugarcoat it — these are nerfs.”



“Nerfing a spec or class is never fun. It means that our initial estimates of numbers were off and we know that the community is going to react negatively (to put it mildly). But we have to try and keep the game in a relatively balanced state and that is going to mean making decisions that are unpopular sometimes. If you need to blame someone for the nerfs, blame me.” – Ghostcrawler


“I’m disappointed that I was wrong, because I know it hurts our credibility. We knew that paladins would be screaming murder, so you can be absolutely sure that we wanted to make these changes….I’ll take at face value that many of you are as wounded as you claim by the changes, and I am sorry to be the one to cause you that pain.” – Ghostcrawler