See Rogue. See Rogue DPS….

It’s been awhile since I did a Rogue post. As we look at the dawning of a new expansion, I present 7 Commandments set down by Aldriana, maintainer of the Rogue Gear Spreadsheet. *Disclaimer – I lay no claim to these rules other than devotee…I merely share them here.


Follow these rules, and you will be the crazy DPS (damage per second) machine you’ve always dreamed of being….or at least you won’t be last. 😉



Aldriana’s Seven Commandments of Rogue DPS


“The first step to success as a raiding rogue is to adhere to these seven commandments of rogue DPS.”


If you don’t, may Ravenholt have mercy on your soul.


1-Don’t die.


Yeah. You’d think that would be a given, but you’d be surprised. Surprisingly, time on target actually hitting things affects our damage.


2-Don’t do anything that risks wiping the raid.


Stay alive. Don’t take risks with stealth. Don’t pull threat. ETC….


3-Maximize your time on target.


Learn to move. Manage your aggro. And guess what…..don’t die.


4-Don’t let your energy cap out.


Energy is meant to be used. Does Slice n Dice need to be refreshed? Can you use a finisher? Rupture ticking? Don’t just mash buttons. Play.


5-Don’t let SnD drop.


SnD = Slice ‘n Dice. Increases attack speed. Absolutely the most essential button you push in a raid other than getting the combo points to keep it up. The better you are at 100% uptime of this ability, the higher your dps numbers will be.


6-Use one of the spreadsheets to figure out your best cycle; this will usually be the highest rupture uptime cycle that doesn’t violate rule 4 or 5.


Spreadsheets have been linked here a couple times. I’ll setup a side bar soon. Basically go to Find the Class Mechanics forum. Search for Rogue Gear, Rogue DPS, and now the Rogue Roguecrafting spreadsheets. All are viable, and you’ll get the best results from a comparison. Must have MS Excel or Open Office to use.


7-Use your cooldowns


In the effort for SnD and Rupture uptime, don’t forget about your DPS’ other friends Adrenaline Rush, Blade Flurry, Haste Pots, Drums of Battle, Trinkets if not on use….all of these things will make good damage awesome damage. Admit it. Being awesome is why you rolled a rogue, right?


**Another disclaimer** – This information may become obsolete on 11/13, but I doubt it. This is not my fault. I don’t take responsibility. And I’m pretty sure the not dying one will still apply. Have fun!