The Journey Begins…Glory of the Raider

This video is credited to Tankspot has contributed some amazing videos to assist guilds in learning the Tier 7 and Tier 8 raid instances available in Wrath of the Lich King.

I just watched this one today. If you haven’t seen raid content, this video gives a nice summary of the story of the expansion up to Ulduar release. It details the guild’s fights leading up to the receipt of their Proto Drakes for the Glory of the Raider achievement.

Glory of the Raider

Hope you enjoy as much as I did, and big thanks to Ciderhelm and the team.

Side note on General Vezax changes – From Blue “As a side-effect of this change, in 25-player mode in particular, he will also cast Searing Flames slightly more often” – Yeah, exactly 5 secs after every kick is definitely more often. The Rogue community thanks you. 😛

Alt Raiding

I hit 80 with my Holy Priest alt on Sunday. Yesterday I ran my first heroics, and today I ran my first Heroic Naxxramas. I’m extremely lucky to be in a guild where we do an alt run weekly.

Some observations on healing vs melee

1. It’s harder than I thought it would be to watch hp boxes, and my own environment.

2. From a ranged class perspective, you can truly see the whole fight from a better vantage point than staring at a boss butt.

3. The alt priest is good for me. I get to learn some new play, and see the same old fights from a new perspective.

4. On a speed Naxx run, it’s hard to watch what gear you should roll on while raid healing the next pulls after a boss down. A gear list and knowing what you’re looking for is a total necessity.

5. Circle of Healing, Renew, Prayer of Healing, PW:S and Prayer of Mending are a few of my most favorite things.

I had a blast, and I’m very thankful to my guildmate who puts this run together and leads it. Especially since he let a new healer with no helm enchant (Wyrmrest and Kirin Tor rep are only sitting at honored lol) come along.

Tonight it’s back to the rogue, but I think I already have a greater appreciation for what mitigating and being aware of the damage I’m taking means for the raid’s healers. It’ll make me a better raider and team mate, so that’s definitely a win.

There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise….

A Bad Night…


So have you ever had an “off night” in raiding? Sure we hardcore would like to claim that we’re always perfect, never bad and never make a misstep. One thing I’ve learned in raiding is that almost everyone can have a bad day now and then.


What’s a bad night in raiding you might ask? Well, if it’s a bad night overall for the guild it means maybe you have a non-optimal composition, the guild is floundering on farm content you’ve been clearing for weeks, or just everyone happens to be in PMS mode for no reason. If you, as an individual raider, are having a bad night when the guild is doing well it can make you start scouting out Ebay prices for your toon. Sadly, I know my rogue was worth WAY more around the end of August when T6/Sunwell gear reigned supreme. I jest, I couldn’t sell…and that brings us to …. A LIST! (yeah, I know..surprising right?)


I’m Only Bad on Tuesdays Raid Mistakes


-Your fps is in the floor, and your router continuously crashes.

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to hold a steady connection. It can fluster you leading to more problems.


-You failed at a boss mechanic that you usually nail when the rest of the guild succeeded.

Heigan Dance Dance Revolution anyone? Heigan is the new Teron/Archimonde/M’uru – you feel absolutely retarded when you fail dancing his fissures. Also while we’re on Naxx – Frogger? I rest my case. Of course, you always have the one lucky guy that never, ever messes these up that everyone secretly hopes fails soon.


-You come back after a break and have missed the learning/progression nights.

Most good raiders it takes one time through or less to feel comfortable in an instance. Not being present for the learning attempts can make you feel out of your element.


Ah well. Usually as long as you aren’t “That guy/gal/whatever” repeatedly, your raidmates will forgive you. Although prepare for it to be brought up three years from now when loot for the latest legendary is being decided, “Hey guys, remember that night that _____ failed at the Heigan dance, Thaddius jump, and Frogger! Way to fail!”


As ever, Happy “bad free” Raiding!