Of Patches and Apathy….

Wow. I’ve been lazy. My apologies I think xpac lethargy has set in….On that note, I’ve kind of missed making lists! So incoming five things I love and five things I hate about Patch 3.0.2 and all the changes to the World of Warcraft

Five Things I love about Patch 3.0.2

1. The Zombie Event!

Even with the jerks that feel the need to “save” people from the Scourge infection, I had a blast participating in this with my guildies last night. BRAAAIIINNNSSS, anyone?

2. Assassination – 51/5/5 – in Raids

OMG YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making daggers a viable raid spec again. I missed them so much.

3. Flexibility in Raid Makeup

Less stacking and global buffs mean you can get people more play time, and not have to worry (as much) about attendance woes for “needed” classes -tanks, healers.

4. Achievements

It’s only a grind if you play it that way. I’m loving them, and just participated in my first successful 40 man city raid in three years (on a PvE server??!!). Even if I think we may have killed our server with the Undercity attempt.

5. Less Consumables

Less time farming, more time playing. I likes. Even if I do make less money off herbalism now.

Five Things I Hate About Patch 3.0.2 (these don’t really require explanation)

1. LAG!

2. Jerks cleansing me of my zombie infection even if I don’t want it.

3. “Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found” = Arena loss always in the 16-18 point range

4. Half our Sunwell raid getting stuck on Tuesday preventing our Tuesday clear and forcing us to raid on Thursday instead of being done for the week.

5. Having to repair my WoW when the patch didn’t work for me. Patch 2.3, 2.4 and 3.0.2 had to be re-downloaded. Took 4 hours. QQ.

PANIC! – At patch 3.0.2 not the Disco

From my own experiences in game, it looks like everyone is up in arms about the raiding changes coming in the pre-Wrath patch 3.0.2. Forget the fact that the patch has yet to be playtested on the PTR yet….favorite panic quote:

We all need to re-roll “this class” isn’t going to be raid viable and/or we’ll only need one not the three we have been using.

It kind of makes me wonder if this is Blizzard’s way of causing natural raider attrition to make way for the new heroes, namely Deathknights.

Heck, these raid buff changes and the lack of a rogue class review don’t scare me. Nothing could possibly be as awful as the raiding meltdown that occured in the 40 man – 10 man – 25 man train wreck.

Bring it on! Players will adjust and soon, like 30 minute buffs instead of 5 minute, we’ll wonder how we ever raided in WoW without these changes.

Less fun note – Prepare for addon meltdown. 😉