Patch 3.3 – The Icecrown Citadel

The information is pouring out from the PTR for Patch 3.3. In what is probably the final content patch for The Wrath of the Lich King expansion, we will finally get to face The Lich King and his Scourge horde in the final battle for dominance in Northrend.

Initial screenshots of the new 5 man dungeon and aspects of the new raiding tier are being released, and gear models and set bonuses have been datamined over at The new raid instance is featuring the ability to toggle between Normal and Hard Mode encounters via the user interface, rather than the multiple lockouts available with the current Tier 9 content, Call of the Crusade. Also being introduced, Weekly Raid Quests. Now you can overnuke Sartharion for more than just another raiding commute machine. Character copies and premade characters are available for those wishing to test content and be spoiled.

Here’s the breakdown on what 3.3 will mean for the Rogue class in the next patch (source mmo-champion):


  • 4 piece Tier 10 – Gives your melee finishing moves a 13% chance to add 3 combo points to your target.
  • 2 piece Tier 10 – Your Tricks of the Trade ability now grants you 15 energy instead of costing energy.
  • Dual Wield: Rogues now know this ability upon logging into the game at level 1.
  • Stealth: This ability no longer has multiple ranks. While active, the single rank of this ability (available at level 1) allows rogues to move at 70% movement speed.
  • Vanish: For the first half second after this ability is used, neither Vanish nor Stealth can be broken by taking damage or being the victim of a hostile spell or ability.

I want to have a positive outlook, but the Tier 10 set bonuses seem pretty lackluster when compared to the deadly poison energy regen and rupture crits of Tier 8. Also, not totally trusting the whole fixing vanish thing. But I’ll save my conspiracy theories for another day. 😉

Rogue PTR Patch 3.2.2 Changes

Via, some changes for Rogues that will be incoming in the Onyxia revamp patch 3.2.2:


  • Fan of Knives: The damage done by this ability has been reduced by 30%.


  • Throwing Specialization: This talent no longer causes Fan of Knives to interrupt spellcasting.

Ok, so with most nerfs the initial reaction is irritation or full out nerd rage.  I’m trying to stay reasonable.

1. The FoK damage reduction.

I can understand this. There’s no reason for Rogues to top damage meters in AoE. However, I still believe this could have best been accomplished with a change to the Fan of Knives glyph that increases damage by 20%. They didn’t ask my opinion though. The only thing surprising here is that the nerf didn’t occur sooner.

2. Loss of AoE interrupt.

This was an overpowered ability in 3’s and 5’s arena, but most Rogues that are in the top ranks of Arena prowess are not speccing into this ability. However, it is a huge nerf to Rogues working through hardmode PvE content. It made the Thorim arena more manageable without making it a joke. It took pressure off of Phase One and Three Yogg especially as you start reducing the number of Keepers without trivializing the encounter.

For those who would argue that an AoE interrupt is ridiculous, I would say stand and try to do something complicated like work on some math problems in your head. Ok, now I’m going to throw poisoned daggers at you in succession. See if you can continue what you are doing without losing your train of thought. How’d that work out for you? 😉

The loss of useful PvE abilities to Arena or PvP nerfs for all classes doesn’t even make me angry anymore it’s just tiresome. It’s so tiresome that I think we are all tiring of complaining about it.

Edit for Blue response:

From Damage Dealing forums by Ghostcrawler:

“It’s hard for me to imagine this is really out of the blue.

We sat on a change for awhile because we hoped FoK spam was a flavor-of-the-month thing. We thought there was a chance the community would come up with a way to counter it, and since it’s pretty much a one-trick pony, there would be no reason to keep trying it. The community absolutely comes up with counters on its own — the answer to every new strategy should not immediately be for us to nerf it. We also hoped the resilience changes would chill out the damage enough that rogues would stop pursuing FoK spam. That doesn’t seem to be happening.

It is a nerf in PvE, but honestly it’s probably a nerf that was also needed. We wanted to give rogues some AE damage, and we were okay with the big numbers for a long time because they were big when fights were short, but not as good over longer AE fights. (Protip: AE doesn’t just equal trash these days.) Few people would argue that rogue single-target dps on most fights isn’t amazing (“jaw-dropping”? 😉 ). As long as rogues can still contribute meaningfully to AE fights, which they will be able to do, they shouldn’t be in any danger of being sidelined.

It’s possible some select fights, notably Yogg 0, may be too difficult without the interrupt, but the encounter designers are prepared to make changes accordingly, and everyone will have access to better gear in the new raid tier anyway.

I asked a rogue in our guild if she thought Blizzard would nerf Fan. She said “They probably need to, but it was fun while it lasted.”

The greatest casualty is probably the loss of so many FoKing puns”


So in this message I see the truth they want us to see – There’s always more epics to be had so don’t be sad. lolololol

Builds, patches, endgame, etc…

So much to do…so few TBC weeks to do it in. Right now, I’m frustrated with the errors I keep getting while trying to get the PTR up and running.

51/5/5 Level 70 Hunger for Blood possibly….finally a use for that Illidan dagger! (stupid glaives. grr.)

Playing with builds is the name of the game for this weekend, and I can’t wait to play test some of my theorycrafted ideas (and those I’ve gleaned from browsing over at EJ).

Warhammer launched today as well. I wish it much success. I plan on picking it up as a side game. The PvP looks fun and I like the Realm vs Realm system that Mythic did so well in Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC).

Smart Blizzard though. They’ve distracted me nicely from taking a pre-expac break in WAR with the new talents available on the PTR even to a non-beta’d player like myself. 

Burning question still left for me in The Burning Crusade is….will we down Kil’jaeden in 7.5 weeks? I believe so. Currently working on phase four now as long as no one gets the pre-expac blues early.