PANIC! – At patch 3.0.2 not the Disco

From my own experiences in game, it looks like everyone is up in arms about the raiding changes coming in the pre-Wrath patch 3.0.2. Forget the fact that the patch has yet to be playtested on the PTR yet….favorite panic quote:

We all need to re-roll “this class” isn’t going to be raid viable and/or we’ll only need one not the three we have been using.

It kind of makes me wonder if this is Blizzard’s way of causing natural raider attrition to make way for the new heroes, namely Deathknights.

Heck, these raid buff changes and the lack of a rogue class review don’t scare me. Nothing could possibly be as awful as the raiding meltdown that occured in the 40 man – 10 man – 25 man train wreck.

Bring it on! Players will adjust and soon, like 30 minute buffs instead of 5 minute, we’ll wonder how we ever raided in WoW without these changes.

Less fun note – Prepare for addon meltdown. 😉