Tier 9 for Rogues – Our optimal setups

Optimal builds for Rogues in PvE have always hinged on the weapons available to us. We are in the unique position in Crusader’s Collesium of having various weapon setups to choose from. Despite the slight outcry from the raiding community of the repetitiveness of the instance, Rogues play some key roles in several of the fights. So, it is a great instance for us as far as our role in the raid as well, but back to the gear!

As always the theorycrafting team over at Elitist Jerks, has provided us with best in slot recommendations and our optimal setup based on the gear currently available to us.

You can find this information here, as well as a great discussion on the EP values used to determine the information. There are also links to the most recent versions of the Combat and Mutilate spreadsheets.

The most common builds in Tier 9:

15/51/5 Close Quarters Combat – MH Fist weapon of slow speed (2.6 or higher) and OH Dagger of fast speed (1.5 or lower)

15/51/5 Mace/Dagger Combat – MH Mace of slow speed and OH dagger of fast speed

15/51/5 Hack and Slash Combat – MH Axe of slow speed and sword or axe OH of fast speed

51/13/7 Mutilate – MH dagger of slow speed and OH dagger of fast speed

While I am far from having best in slot yet, I have picked up a nice set of item level 245 gear. I was able to grab, The Grinder, from 10 man Trial of the Grand Crusader last week. My set up for this week’s raiding will be the 15/51/5 Combat Mace/Dagger setup. I’m going to try the ruptureless cycle that is discussed here at the end of the BiS discussion.The real thing to take from all of the discussions is that we are no longer on set rotations for combat. You have to have 100% uptime for Slice and Dice, but to pull the massive numbers we are capable of prioritizing finishers, energy pooling, and watching your trinket procs is the key to maximizing your output as a rogue.

We’re also getting ready to start our attempts on Heroic Anub in 25 mans. I’m really looking forward to the fight as it appears to have very tight tuning, and there are some interesting strats being tossed around in the raiding community.

Best of luck in your raiding adventures!

(All credit for this information goes to the EJ team including Aldriana especially, just a bit of my usuage of it and easy access to the links to the info!)