Are you the type of person that views changes as an adventure, or are they daunting and scary as hell? Maybe a bit of both?

Anytime you make a big change it can come as a shock at first. Changing jobs, changing significant others, changing residences…. and in games, changing servers/guilds. Suddenly you’re in a completely unknown environment. No server buddies and chat channels. No army of alts to do your bidding and make you gold or hold your excess stuff.

On the other hand, it’s a chance to meet new players, new guilds, new PvP partners. It can be freeing as well. It’s kind of like being the freshman. Yeah you were top dog on your old server, but no one knows you here. What to do?

-Research guilds and find a good match for your life and schedule.
-Heroics and random PuGs. Sure you may wipe some, but you may also meet some fun players.
-Stand around looking pretty in Ironforge. A pre-BC raider thing that apparently has never gotten old. 😉

Will it work out? Only time will tell, but like most things, you’ll only get results with some personal effort.