Countdown….T minus 3 days and counting…

I’ll have my pre-ordered copy of Wrath of the Lich King, WoW’s second expansion, in my hot little rogue hands on Wednesday night at midnight. Sadly, I don’t have the vacation time available to take the 13th off. However, the weekend and I know the next three days are a flurry of last minute preparation for me and many others. I’ll share my checklist below. How are you preparing to meet Arthas?

1. High level alt with Herbalism, a key to the new Inscription profession, transferred from old server.

Check. Eight levels to go in 3 days. Hmm. Probably won’t make it, but I may make the level 68 cutoff that is necessary for Northrend levelling.

2. Classic and Outland Raider achievements completed.

Well, mostly. Still need AQ20, 40, and ZG. Cleaned up getting credit for MC, BWL, and Onyxia with the guild this weekend. Outland is complete as of 10/15.

3. Farm a lot of gold for levelling enchants, gems, and profession levelling.

Farming gold is not one of my strong points in the game, but I’ve got a bit set aside. Is it enough to level one toon from 70 to 80, one from 62 to 80, a Death Knight from 55 to 80, and the professions for three characters? Only time will tell.

4. Spend banked and resetting Arena points.

Isn’t going to happen. I have 1268 points. The Brutal that I’m able/need to get, I have. Ah well, I could buy the crappy gems, but I’ve got a store of epic gems purchased with my bank of badges of justice.

5. Say goodbye to Outlands – Final level 70 raids.

We already had our final level 70 Mt. Hyjal and Black Temple raids. I guess, as a hardcore raider, I should say we had our final Sunwell on 10/13, but I’m not that cynical. Final Sunwell Plateau is Tuesday. I don’t feel a need to say goodbye to level 70 Serpentshrine Caverns and Tempest Keep. Vashj can still kiss my nether regions.

The Burning Crusade was overall a fun success I’d say. What a journey it really was. Blizzard went from long attunement quest chains to dropping those attunements and adopting a “come one, come all” philosophy as far as raids were concerned. The face of the game has changed, is changing. Can’t wait to see what Northrend brings…..

For the Alliance! For the Horde! Death to the Lich King! GoGo level 80. 🙂