Forum Trolling

It’s been awhile since I did one of these. 🙂

Castreight a Blood Elf Rogue on Blood Furnace shared a list of his hates on the General Forums today. Some highlights – People who hate gnomes, train sets, and people who will name worgen characters after Twilight characters.

I’m going to counter with things I love:

1. The baby bunnies from two spring rabbit pets getting together.

2.  Sapping Horde players in Wintergrasp Fortress after we lose.

3. Holiday achievements. I am the Brewmaster!

4. Fighting another rogue 1v1…and winning.

PvE to PvP Transfers Open

Let the hate begin

Are PvE to PvP server transfers fair? Ironically, finding well-progressed PvE guilds on PvE servers is a very difficult thing. Will all PvE servers die a slow, under-populated death?

Who knows for sure? However, I’m sure I will find some prime forum funnies material over the next few days.

Surviving a Trip to the R&D

Yay another list! My day is complete. Today’s favorite forum post, apart from the one where the Rogue beta forums actually received a blue reponse, discusses Everything You Need to Know About R&D forums.


It’s way too negative for me, but it does describe the denizens of that forum perfectly. The WoW community has the best and worst of any gaming community.

A brief glimpse at the top 10 from the original poster the rest can be viewed with the link –



  • People are stupid.
  • We’re jerks.
  • Your gem choices are retarded.
  • No, you’re not ready for Kara.
  • Your spec is dumb.
  • Your guild is full of scrubs.
  • lolattunements
  • Your gearing choices make me want to cry.
  • Killing Constructs is ridiculously easy.
  • You’re pretty much the sole reason a group of 25+ people can’t make progress in raid content.


RR’s Pro Tip of the day – Yes, the raiders at the WoW R&D forums are elitist jerks. You would be better served googling a non-official class forum for a civil response.

I probably shouldn’t find this funny…

Today’s Friday, folks, so guess what? Yeah, I’ve been scrolling the forums. I was directed to this fun post.

The Day I Defected Alliance –

Especially amusing, are the attached screenshots (NSFW-some cursing) depicting his Ally teammates reaction to the defect.

I’m going to think of this everytime I’m bored in a battleground from now on.